grand canyon hikingThank you for continuing to follow our series, The Grand Canyon Spring and Summer Trip Planning Guide.

In last week’s installment, we provided you with basic information about the backcountry permit that is required for backpacking, hiking, and camping in certain areas of the national park. You learned when this type of permit is necessary, how to obtain the permit, and the costs.

We also included information about a couple of highly-rated Grand Canyon tour packages – the 7-Day Camping Tour and the 3-Day National Parks Camping Tour.

This week, we would like to expound a bit on hiking the Grand Canyon. We will also provide you with some basic information about some of the best hiking excursions available in and around the Grand Canyon.

Hiking the Grand Canyon
If you truly want to experience the beauty and wonder associated with the Grand Canyon, you should plan a trip to hike in, through, and around the national park. Not only does this activity result in long lasting memories, but, it often results in life-changing experiences.

There are many areas on the South and North Rim of the Grand Canyon where you may hike during the daytime hours. If you choose to hike during the nighttime hours, you will be required to obtain a backcountry permit.

In the South Rim region, you may elect to hike at Rim Trail, Bright Angel Trail, or South Kaibab Trail. In the North Rim region, you may choose to hike at Bright Angel Point, Widforss Trail, or North Kaibab Trail.

Properly Prepare
When electing to hike the Grand Canyon during the spring and summer months, it is imperative that you properly prepare.

You should familiarize yourself with all of the symptoms that are associated with heat-related illnesses and you should know how to treat those conditions. Examples include imbalances of electrolytes, dehydration, and heat exhaustion.

You should never place too much strain on yourself. It is impossible to hike all over the national park, so, do not try. When you feel exhausted or unwell in any way, you should rest.

Additionally, you should make certain that you pack plenty of food, water, survival tools, a first aid kit, a couple of lighting sources, and protection from the environmental/weather elements.

You should also ensure that you have some sort of communication other than a cell phone. Examples include a specially-designed signaling mirror and/or a very loud whistle.

If you’d like to hike the Grand Canyon, the following tours are fantastic choices:

7-Day National Parks Tour: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon South Rim

national parks tour
If you have a strong sense of adventure, are relatively healthy, and would love to see a multitude of national parks, this is the perfect trip! This week-long trip will allow you to see and experience the most popular national parks within the entire country!

The Black Canyon Hike and Desert Hot Springs Day Trip from Las Vegas

Black Canyon Hike
If you will be in the Las Vegas are, this is the adventure for you! Here, you will get the opportunity to travel through the famous Black Canyon. You will then travel along the Colorado River through the White Rock Canyon Trail. You will then go to the hot springs in Arizona, and more!

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