All American Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

View from the All American Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
The most popular of our Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours. Take off on an exciting helicopter ride from Las Vegas airport to the Grand Canyon. This scenic flight is 45 minutes each way with breathtaking views of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. When you reach the Grand Canyon, you’ll set down on the floor for a wonderful champagne picnic.

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This went above and beyond my expectations!! It was worth every penny. It was a once in a lifetime experience. you will not be disappointed! just do it!

Reviewed by: dreimer43, October 2016

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Imagine flying over one of America’s most iconic natural wonders, the Grand Canyon, in a state-of-the-art helicopter. As you take in the beauty and grandeur of the Grand Canyon from above, you anticipate the next leg of your journey: flying in a helicopter INTO the Grand Canyon!
Grand Canyon All American Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon All American Helicopter Tour

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Take an exciting helicopter ride from Las Vegas airport to the Grand Canyon. This scenic flight is 45 minutes each way. At the Canyon, set down on the floor for a champagne picnic. Coming back on your return flight you’ll fly low over the Vegas Strip.

Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon West Rim, Luxury Helicopter Tour

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Travel in a five-star luxury helicopter to a most incredible natural wonder. Hear informative commentary as you enjoy spectacular aerial views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead. Then soar over the Colorado River and into the majestic Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon 4 in 1 Helicopter Tour

Ultimate Grand Canyon 4-in-1 Helicopter Tour

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Fly to the Grand Canyon from Vegas. Touch down to the floor and cruise the Colorado River by boat. Explore the West Rim via shuttle bus. Visit Eagle Point Indian Village and have and Hualapai Indian lunch, served at Guano Point.

“I came all the way from Adelaide, Australia and had never flown in a helicopter before but it was spectacular and the only way to see the Grand Canyon. Our pilot and guide Kevin made it a fun trip and was very informative. I recommend this tour to anyone wanting to see the canyon in its splendor…”

the Grand Canyon makes the most incredible vacation.

Five million people visit this awe inspiring place each year. With over 1.2 million acres of breathtaking scenery, its not hard to see why.

Even though our focus is on Grand Canyon helicopter tours, the canyon is vast. There is SO much to do that the options seem almost endless. Let us help you find the perfect Grand Canyon vacation for you. Ready to get started?  Click the links below to Choose Your Adventure!


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What’s Going on at the Grand Canyon?


We love keeping you up-to-date on the happenings at the Grand Canyon and in Las Vegas. We regularly update our website with informative articles on where to go on vacation, what to take with you on your trip, and how to get the most out of your adventure to make the memories last a lifetime! Come back often and enjoy the scenery. Its truly breathtaking.

Camping Near Grand Canyon makes for Grand Memories

If you would like to enjoy the beauty and excitement of the Grand Canyon but want to avoid the traffic and tourism, you'll love camping near Grand Canyon. Hailed as one of the seven natural wonders throughout the world, the Grand Canyon receives in excess of 5 million...

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John Wesley Powell’s Grand Canyon Expedition

In 1869, John Wesley Powell led an expedition through the Grand Canyon. This amazing historic adventure lasted three months. The expedition is historically significant because of the fact that, it was the very first time – ever – that Caucasian men could freely...

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Lookout Studio at the Grand Canyon

Lookout Studio, situated majestically on the Grand Canyon's South Rim, is a highly-revered travel destination. History, rich culture, beauty, and nature come together to create an enriching experience. The Creation of Lookout Studio Lookout Studio, which is also...

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Mary Colter. Building the Grand Canyon.

Mary Colter has been dubbed an ambitious architect with a genuine passion for creating elaborate structures throughout the Grand Canyon that have sparked intrigue, appreciation, and a desire to relive days passed among millions of visitors. Who Is Mary Colter? Mary...

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The Maswik Lodge Grand Canyon

The Maswik Lodge Grand Canyon is a specially-designed hotel operated directly under a special concessionaire as part of an agreement with the federal government. It is favored by travelers from around the world. Nestled deep within the Ponderosa Pine Forest in the...

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Grand Canyon West Rim, Luxury Helicopter Tour

The West Rim is the place to be at the Grand Canyon. It's super popular especially among first timers. Probably because there are so many things to see. We have the Skywalk for 360 panoramic views, Indian Village and Hualapai Ranch to learn Native American culture,...

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Flagstaff to Grand Canyon – Plan Your Adventure Today!

If you're heading out to Flagstaff, Arizona, don't forget to plan out an exciting, Southwest adventure from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon. Flagstaff is a highly appealing small town to many travelers within the United States. Known for its nostalgic history of the...

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Grand Canyon East Rim

The Grand Canyon East Rim is not really a rim at all. It is commonly referred to as “Desert View”. It offers a tranquil and captivating views. Experience the most majestic natural wonder of the United States. While situated on the southern rim of the national park,...

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Grand Canyon North Rim

The Grand Canyon North Rim is home to so many fascinating attractions. Favored by guests, the North Rim is known for invoking a sense of serenity and solitude. In this less traveled area of the Grand Canyon, you may find the majestic beauty easily warming its way into...

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The Dominguez-Escalante Grand Canyon Expedition

In 1776 two priests set out across the southwest to find a route between New Mexico and the Catholic mission in California. They explored parts of Utah, Colorado, and northern Arizona on their travels. Along they way, they were helped by some unexpected guides. The...

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Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Village is a small town in Northern Arizona, situated on the South rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. Whether you prefer sleeping under the stars or in a hotel, with soft beds and running water, Grand Canyon Village is an ideal hub for all your...

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