The Grand Canyon is known for its wide vistas and majestic views. A Helicopter Tour can have you gasping aloud as you soar over the expanse of this breathtaking scene.  Once you’ve experienced the immensity of the Grand Canyon, it’s time to take a breath, have some lunch and see the many Grand Canyon hidden gems.

The helicopter flight is only 45 minutes so there is plenty of time to see the hidden gems of the Grand Canyon.

1. North Rim

Grand Canyon Hidden Gems of the Northrim


As 95% of the visitors to the Grand Canyon are standing at the guardrail on the South Rim taking pictures and going home.  Only 5% of the Grand Canyon National Park visitors go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

A quieter, more serene visit, without the bustle of the crowds is definitely a North Rim delight. You might feel like its all yours. For nature buffs, this is heaven…

The North Rim, according to “runs about 10 degrees cooler than the South rim, and supports plant and animal life that the drier South Rim cannot, such as aspen, birch, maple and oak trees, and the Kaibab Squirrel with its metallic gray coat and distinctive tufted ears.”

Even though it’s only accessible from May through October due to heavy snowfall, we have two great tours that run from April to November.

The North Canyon Heli Tour, has an optional Jeep tour add on to explore the North Rim. The North Rim Air Tour has an ATV add on option if you’re more adventurous.

2. Marble Outlook

Karen Joy says that “Marble Outlook camping area has breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon area” and even though the Marble Outlook area is in  Kaibab National Park, it  has amazing views of the Grand Canyon, House Rock Valley, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and Paria Canyon Wilderness.

3. Drive down into the Grand Canyon along Diamond Creek Road!

There is 108 miles of the Grand Canyon in the Hualapai “People of the Tall Pines” Reservation and with a Permit you can drive down Diamond Creek gravel road which is the only place for a vehicle to get down into the Grand Canyon. Make sure you have four-wheel drive vehicle to drive down the Peach Springs Canyon to Colorado River with picnic area but no facilities.

4. Solitude of the Tonto Trail

tontotrailThe Tonto Trail doesn’t go from the Rim down to the Colorado River, it is a trail along a shelf of rock called the Tonto Platform parallel to the river but at a midway elevation for 70 miles between the Rim and the river.  It is less travelled so it can be a beautiful and quiet hike as it twists and turns along the Grand Canyon.

5. Havasupai Falls

Havasupai Falls has been called the “Shangri-la” of the Grand Canyon. Though it has been featured in calendars and magazines, it usually isn’t on the Grand Canyon tour for the day.  Make some time in your trip to go and stop and swim in the calcium carbonate enriched pools as you experience the 100 foot waterfall.

6. Secret Cave behind a Waterfall just like in the old time adventure stories

According to the, this cave is hidden in the heart of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. The only way to get to this cave is by taking a raft down the Colorado River and climbing into the cave through a waterfall. The only way to find out how to get there is to ask at!

7. Spectacular Secret Grand Canyon View

Check out the maps given out by the National Park Service to see where they have picnic and camping spots along the Rim and you may find when you get there, no one else is there!

8. According to Backpacker Magazine

clearcreek Secret Hikes. The 42 mile hike down South Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel campground and then on to Clear Creek trail along Clear Creek to Cheyava Falls, you will see at most 10 people camping while you explore the Grand Canyon floor and spot bighorn sheep and other wildlife.

9. Plan for a week of river rafting

shinumocreekRiver rafting with stops to explore side canyons along the Colorado River as Garry Hayes   did with the spotting of bighorn sheep, ancient traventine rock formations and exploring Shinumo Creek or Blacktail Canyon.

10. Grand Canyon East

horseshoebend Grand Canyon East or Grand Canyon West are less explored than the South Rim.  Grand Canyon East area is less travelled and it has the “Horseshoe Bend” where the river curves almost 360 back on itself around upstanding rock and you can take a picture of the view with you at the Rim and Colorado River in the background.

So when planning your trip to the Grand Canyon, make sure you plan to add a few days extra on to experience the hidden gems of the Grand Canyon area whether you go hiking, rafting or swimming or camping.  With Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours, you will get there easily from Las Vegas or outlying areas so you can spend more time in the Grand Canyon.  So start planning now to add at least three more days for your Grand Canyon holiday to explore the quiet and beautiful areas less traveled.

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