2010 Humpback Chub Translocation to Shinumo Creek in Grand Canyon National Park

On June 23, 2010, 300 juvenile humpback chub were translocated to Shinumo Creek as part of a multi-year conservation experiment to establish a second spawning aggregation of this endangered fish in Grand Canyon National Park. This second translocation augmented the number of humpback chub remaining in Shinumo Creek following the 2009 translocation; and in the future, possibly provide an opportunity for rearing humpback chub in a natural environment outside of the Little Colorado River.

Prior to the translocation, a 13-person crew led by GRCA fisheries biologist Brian Healy spent six days surveying the translocation reaches of Shinumo Creek to get population estimates of humpback chub and other native fish, and removing nonnative rainbow trout.

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