5 Reasons to See the Grand Canyon from a Helicopter

Why should you take to the skies to enjoy the Grand Canyon? There are so many reasons that you may as well ask yourself a different question: why not?

1. Understand the full magnificence of the Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon National Park spans nearly 2,000 square miles. It is impossible to fully understand the enormity of the canyons from the ground, but you can get a clearer understanding from the air. The higher you fly, the smaller the canyons become. This smaller view allows you to take in more of the park in one view, showing the true size of this natural wonder.

You won’t see the entire park in one view as you enjoy your Grand Canyon helicopter tour, but you will see far more of it than you could ever see at once from the ground. Besides looking at pictures online or in books, a scenic flight is the best way to truly appreciate the magic of the canyons.

2. Compliment your ground tour with views from a different angle.
You don’t have to choose between touring the Grand Canyon on foot or touring it from the air. You can enjoy a variety of Grand Canyon tours in order to enjoy different views of the landscape. On-ground tours either driving or on foot will allow you to take close-up pictures as you enjoy sections of the canyons. When you take to the air, you will get an aerial view to compliment those up-close pictures.

3. A variety of tours offering a variety of views.
You may want to book multiple Grand Canyon helicopter tours in order to see different parts of the canyons. The West Rim is the easiest to access from Las Vegas, but the land area lies just outside of the Grand Canyon. The South Rim takes you to the heart of the canyons and is the section most commonly explored by helicopter tourists.

There is a North Rim as well, but it is more commonly visited on the ground. The elevation is much higher in this area, and you will find fewer Grand Canyon tours and accommodations available for this area.

4. You can enjoy on-ground excursions in addition to spectacular aerial views.
If you want to enjoy a quick flight over the Grand Canyon and then return to the safety of dry land, there are short flights available. Some flights also allow you to add on adventures that take you down to the ground. You can take pictures of areas too remote to visit by foot or vehicle. Enjoy a picnic at high elevations without hiking your way to the top.

Standing on the Grand Canyon is an experience you will not replace by anything else in your life. If you don’t have time to enjoy a walking tour of the canyons, you can at least enjoy an extended aerial tour that allows you to touch ground for a brief period of time.

5. You can turn your Grand Canyon helicopter tour into a never-forget adventure.
A tour over the West Rim can give you access to the Skywalk. This is a glass walkway that extends 4,000 feet above the floor of the Grand Canyon. This is just one of the adventures you can select to enjoy when you book your aerial tour of the canyons.