One of the greatest places on Earth, and one of the world’s natural wonders is undoubtedly the Grand Canyon. Tens of thousands of people visit the canyon every year to experience for themselves the power of mother nature, and show she has carved this beautiful landscape over many millions of years. When people visit, one of the most popular ways to see the canyon is from the air with a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

Grand Canyon helicopter tours are a fantastic way for you to see one of the marvels of the natural world, and what better way to celebrate a special event in your life, such as an important anniversary or birthday. Grand Canyon guided tours are also available for any other special event you can think of, or if you just fancy doing something a bit different. Flying to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is an exciting and exhilarating thing to do, and is becoming more popular with people visiting Nevada, and those celebrating special events.

Once you’ve booked for a Grand Canyon guided tour, you will be counting the days until you go, as a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is always something you will look forward to, even if you’ve done it before. Many people who take helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon have been before, and keep coming back to experience it again and again. They do this for a reason, as there are no other guided tours on the planet that compare!

Grand Canyon guided tours start off from Las Vegas with a helicopter ride out to the canyon. It takes about forty to forty-five minutes to reach the canyon, and on the way you will see breathtaking views of the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam, and across Lake Mead. You may also see the skyline of Boulder City on the way to the canyon.

You will find the helicopter ride an exhilarating experience, and is a highlight of the tour. Nothing however can compare to seeing the canyon for the first time from the air. As part of the guided tour, your guide will be telling you about all the famous landmarks that you see, making this an educational tour as well as being a lot of fun!

Part of your guided tour may also be a trip into the canyon itself on the helicopter. If this is the case, then your pilot will take you down inside the canyon to a landing pad that near to where the mighty Colorado River rushes through the canyon. Again, your tour guide will be giving you all the facts about the river and how it cut its way through the valley to create the Grand Canyon. You will also be told about the rocks that make up the canyon and why the site is so important for geological studies, as the visible rocks tell us much of what has happened over the last few million years.

You will be given an opportunity to take a ride on a pontoon boat on the river before being taken back to the top of the canyon via helicopter. Here your guided tour wont yet be at an end as there will still be plenty more to see. Much of the geological history of Nevada will be visible in the rocks all around you, so you can ask your guide any questions you like about the canyon and how it was formed.

Another part of your tour may include a walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This is a glass-bottomed walkway suspended above the canyon. Test your bravery by stepping out onto the walkway and look straight down to the Colorado River below. Here you can experience some fantastic views that will make your special day even more magical.

After being shown the around area, your guide will give you ample time to explore on your own, and there are plenty of things to do around the Grand Canyon. You can also stop for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants, and eat overlooking the canyon itself. Normally you are given up three hours to look around, so you won’t feel pressured in any way to get back to the helicopter. Take your time and look around.

The trip back to Las Vegas on the helicopter is just as exciting, and you will be able to see the lights and streets of Las Vegas as you get closer. Some guided tours even include a tour of Las Vegas from the air, including the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Whatever the occasion, taking a Grand Canyon guided tour will be the experience of a lifetime, and something you won’t regret doing. You may even decide to come back one day, as many people do.