Give the Gift of Grandeur and Delight – A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one this holiday season, why not opt for the grandeur and delight with Christmas at the Grand Canyon?

Christmas at the Grand Canyon, covered in snow

The Grand Canyon is a stunning, highly-majestic canyon of steep sides, tranquility, and amazing natural scenes. Visitors to the region have the capability of seeing mesmerizing vistas and breathtaking views that cannot be observed anywhere else on earth – this is especially true during the winter months.

The slow pace of the holiday season allows guests a more intimate experience with this popular natural wonder.

Even the person who has everything will be captivated by the scenery and beauty of the winter wonderland that abounds on Christmas at the Grand Canyon.

Red Rock Hiking Tour in Winter

An Awe-Inspiring Perspective

What can be seen by the naked eye while visiting the Grand Canyon in the winter months is drastically enhanced by the presence of the snow that falls in the region.

The temples, the buttes, and the steep cliffs covered by a scenic snow allows guests to better observe the highly complex and exquisite beauty in more detail than can be observed during other seasons throughout the year.

This is especially true if those vistas are observed while taking a luxurious Grand Canyon tour by helicopter.

Easier Observance of Wildlife

While it is true that much of the wildlife in and around the Grand Canyon National Park burrow, hibernate, or slow during the winter months, there are still many opportunities to observe a vast array of animals while touring the area. Leaves fall from the trees and the snow drops, creating a highly contrasting environment.

This makes it much easier to observe various types of wildlife.

You can see elk, eagles soaring through the air and nesting, the deer, and it may even be possible to observe a rare California condor or the feisty rock squirrels that live within the national park.

grand canyon in winter

Solitude Heightens

Most of the 5 million people that visit the Grand Canyon each year do so during the spring, summer, and fall months. During the winter, visits to the area drop significantly.

As a result, one can experience the solitude to truly enjoy and appreciate nature. The roads are more accessible, the trails are less traveled, the accommodations are more readily available, and parking is open.

Additionally, if a helicopter tour is taken, the lines are not as long and – in many cases – exploration times may be longer. If the season is slow, the tour guide may elect to make the tour a bit more personable.

Low Costs

The winter is considered to be the “off season” within the Grand Canyon. As a result, better prices may be offered on helicopter tours, ground tours, and items within the national park.

The hotel accommodations may also give out discounts to travelers that elect to visit around the holiday season. If you are searching for a wonderful gift to give this Christmas, you are sure to find the absolute best prices this time of year.

all american helicopter tour helicopter

The All-American Helicopter Tour

If you are ready to give the most memorable and enjoyable gift to a loved one this holiday season, opt for the All-American Helicopter Tour. This tour lasts approximately half a day.

Your loved one will have the ability to land within the canyon for a lunch and/or a ground tour of the area. This is a wonderful way for your loved one to explore one of the most fascinating areas on earth – by sky and by ground.

In addition to seeing the Grand Canyon, your loved one will get to fly over the neon strip in Las Vegas and explore that area, too!

The helicopter chosen for this tour is a luxurious EC-130. It is a highly advanced, state-of-the-art airbus unit that includes a first-class pilot as your tour guide. Your loved one will learn all about all of the areas explored and will be provided with numerous opportunities to take amazing pictures of the amazing sights.

To get this gift, you simply visit our special tour page today by clicking HERE. This tour is likely to sell out fast. This is especially true now that the holiday season is upon us. Visit today to get the best prices of any helicopter tour available.

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