Grand Canyon Train

This winter, the Grand Canyon Christmas train tour is departing shortly before sunrise and embarking on a 15-hour journey like none other. You will find yourself beaming as you observe the bright-eyed children excitedly watching as the national park’s version of the Polar Express pulls up and starts to load families for a winter adventure of a lifetime.

Why not allow yourself and your family to move away from the confines of the home and the restrictions of a traditional Christmas tree and out into a wild, geologically-fascinating winter wonderland? Learn more about this exciting Christmas adventure.

Grand Canyon Train Tour

The Christmas Train Tour – At a Glance

The magnificent old-fashioned train will move slowly through an amazing span of 65 miles of gorgeous scenery throughout the State of Arizona.

Nestled deep within the wild, this railway will allow you to observe a constantly evolving and beautiful landscape consisting of immense valleys decorated with a vast array of winter flora, magical forests full of towering pines putting off their sweet essence, the plains of a broad yet surprisingly inviting desert, and a multitude of small canyons that are possess no shortage of geological mystery and wonder.

This initial journey lasts just over 2 hours before stops, but will provide a lifetime of appreciation for the natural beauty that is present in the world.

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The Stops

While on this tour, you will get to stop at many locations. There is a standard itinerary; however, it may be adjusted due to weather and any traffic restrictions. The first stop is typically in Kingman, Arizona. Known as the “Heart of America’s Historic Route 66”, this town offers a high level of historic charm and exemplifies history at its best with its museums, scenic trails, and other tourist features.

Once you leave Kingman, you will head over to the Grand Canyon National Park. Here, you will have a whole two hours to observe the famous Mather and Yavapai Point. Additionally, you will get to visit the National Park Museum and look around the Visitor Center. This area offers many opportunities for taking photographs and obtaining souvenirs of the region.

Then, you will board your train and pass by the popular Bright Angel Trail. This is likely to be full of people that wish to explore the park by foot as it is a very popular hiking trail located within the area.

You will then head over to the Williams Train Station, which is located in Williams, Arizona. This is a highly nostalgic town that is located on the famous Route 66. While the stop is only about 15 minutes, it is the town that was used as the prototype for the famous and well-loved Toy Story movie. Additionally, this is the official entrance to the glorious Grand Canyon National Park.

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General Inclusions and Exclusions of the Christmas Train Tour

This wonderful holiday Christmas tour covers one of the most popular destinations in the United States. It has many inclusions that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

These include climate control, admission to the Grand Canyon National Park, dinner, and access to bottled water on the trip. It does not include the $10 per day per person gratuity for the driver and the guide of the tour or any of the personal expenses that you and your family incur.

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General Information

This tour is not considered to be wheelchair accessible. If you bring an infant, it must sit on your lap. If you or members of your family have any serious health issues, this tour is not recommended. The entire tour is situated near areas that offer public transportation. Each person that takes this tour is allowed to bring one small backpack. You may present a standard paper ticket or a mobile ticket.

There is a maximum of 20 people allowed on the tour. A minimum number of travelers is required. If the requirement is not met, you will be provided with either a different date or a full refund.


If you are taking this tour at Christmas or another holiday, it is advised that you make your reservation as soon as possible. Booking in advanced is always advised on these types of adventures. In addition to taking the train tour, a helicopter tour is always available. Each train tour offers unique features and benefits. To learn more about this exciting event and/or to make your reservation, click HERE now.

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