Here is an email that we have received from one of our customers:

My visit to the Grand Canyon West Rim was one experience that I will never forget. It is one of the best destinations that I have ever been to. The visit to the Grand Canyon was not planned at all but I’m really glad that I went on the tour. I was invited by an old friend to her wedding in Las Vegas and I had a few extra days before I needed to go back home. I took the opportunity to partake in the Deluxe Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tour with Optional Private Helicopter Landing. Since I had time to kill during my stay in Las Vegas, it didn’t bother me at all that the Grand Canyon Helicopter tour would last 7 hours.

I opted for the earlier departure time so that I could still have time to tour Las Vegas when I got back. I got picked up from the hotel and I was brought to a hangar. I was taken to a helicopter that I would be riding to the Grand Canyon. The helicopter ride was breathtaking. I got to see aerial views of Lake Mead, Temple Rock, Fortification Hill and the Hoover Dam. I had only seen those places in pictures so I was excited all throughout the ride. The pilot was also friendly and informative during the trip. After more or less an hour, we arrived at the Grand Canyon West Rim.

deluxe grand canyon helicopter tour

photo by K. Oliver

We were given a few hours to roam around on our own and take in the wonderful scenery. The rock formations, plants and flowers in the area really fascinated me. One of the things that I had heard so much about was the West Rim Skywalk. I have some friends who have been telling me about their Skywalk experience so I didn’t pass up the opportunity to try it myself. I was lucky that there were only a few people there so I didn’t have too wait long to go on the Skywalk. The view from the West Rim Skywalk was amazing! I was a bit hesitant to step on the transparent flooring of the Skywalk at first but after a while, I managed to walk further along the Skywalk. The feeling of being suspended 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon is something unexplainable. The view of the Canyon from that height was exceptional.

The next stop of the Grand Canyon helicopter tour is Guano Point and the Hualapai Ranch. At Guano Point, I got to see panoramic views of the Grand Canyon, as well as the Colorado River. Hualapai Ranch was a good place to visit too. There are many activities tourists can do there, such as horseback riding, wagon rides and roping demonstrations. I wasn’t able to partake in those activities, but I had fun watching the people.

I was glad that I upgraded the Grand Canyon helicopter tour package and went for the optional private helicopter landing. This was probably the most memorable part of the tour for me, next to the West Rim Skywalk. I boarded a private helicopter and we went down to a private area located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. This is one of the perks of upgrading since I got to spend some time at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and take some beautiful pictures from a different view. The view from the bottom of the Canyon was just 300 feet above the Colorado River.

Overall, my Grand Canyon helicopter tour was an amazing experience. Every dollar spent was worth the experience. Now I know why my friends kept on urging me to visit the Grand Canyon when I go to Las Vegas. Now that I have experienced it, I will also recommend this tour to my friends who haven’t been there.