featured19By taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon national park, you are catching a glimpse of one of the most powerful and awe-inspiring views available in the world. It is an experience that will result in lifelong memories; however, it is important to remember not to forget to smell the desert roses when you step off of your Grand Canyon helicopter tour. As you approach the edge of this massive landmark for the very first time, you will realize that all that you have heard about the experience and all of the images that you have seen of the park do not even come close to the exhilaration and excitement that you experience you are face-to-face with this amazing wonder of the world.

The Grand Canyon national park tops nearly all of the must-see national parks in the United States and abroad.

This destination is full of beauty, allure, and mystery. The dimensions, alone, are absolutely stunning. The Grand Canyon measures in at 277 miles in length, 1 mile in depth, and 18 miles in width. As a result of the geological formations within the national park, the side canyons, and the breathtaking twists, a full hike along the main rim alone would expand well over a total of 2,600 miles. This national park is so large that it is considered to be of unhuman scale. In order to truly appreciate its vastness, its history, and its beauty, you must do more than take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour; you must hike it, you must ride a mule through it, you must ride a bike around it, and you must float through it. By engaging in these activities, you will find many desert roses to smell along the way.

Each and every single year, well over 4 million individuals from all locations around the world visit the Grand Canyon national park. These travelers explore the multihued cliffs, the geological formations shaped by the ravaging waters of the Colorado River, and the rays of sunshine glittering off of the golden walls of the national park. By ensuring that you stop to smell the desert roses, you will find yourself mesmerized by the appeal and splendor of the Grand Canyon national park. Once you step off of your Grand Canyon helicopter tour, you will be immersed into a geological-based time warp that has the unique ability to sweep you off of your feet and take your breath away.

While listed as one of the most favored wonders within the world, the Grand Canyon national park is a location rich in history, culture, and geological significance. Upon visiting this national park, you will feel instantly transformed. Your senses will be heightened. Your sense of adventure will be fueled by the sparks of beauty that surround you. You will develop a new perspective and appreciation for the world that you live. The Grand Canyon national park will touch you and will bring you alive!