No matter what your walk of life, or whether you’re rich, poor, young or old, you’re always going to enjoy a Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter tour. Simply put, it’s not something you do every day, so it’s a treat and something to look forward to. There are many Grand Canyon helicopter tours to try, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. You’ll never be sorry you went, because it’s an experience you’ll not forget in a hurry, and something you can talk about to friends and family for years to come. Even a helicopter ride is something magical to do, but to combine it with a trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, where you’ll swoop over lakes, and through the canyon itself, it’s a special experience.

You can go on a Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour either on your own, with a loved one or partner, with friends, or even with work colleagues. Whomever you decide to share this unique experience with, you’re bound to have a great time!


Depending on the tour you choose, you will be picked up from your Las Vegas hotel and driven to an airstrip where you’ll board a state-of-the-art aircraft for a forty-five minute helicopter ride out to the canyon. You can also choose to be driven to the canyon in a luxury SUV, taking in the sights and landmarks on the way. The driven tour enables you to visit the great Hoover Dam as well, making it a truly value for money tour.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Information

Upon arriving at the canyon, you’ll be flown 4,000 feet into the canyon itself so you can see it from two different and unique perspectives. Firstly, from high above in the helicopter you can see the entire canyon with the river flowing far below. From this height you’ll see how the mighty Colorado River cut the canyon over millions of years. Once you’re inside the canyon, you’ll appreciate the power of the river as it flows past you, and you’ll also realize exactly how high the canyon walls are!

Tour Options

Again depending on the tour you choose, you can then go on a pontoon boat trip on the Colorado itself, with a tour guide pointing out all the world-famous geological landmarks. From the boat you’ll really appreciate the power of the river.

After being flow back up to the top of the canyon, to the famous Eagle Point, you’ll be able to get a bite to eat, and check out a new attraction call the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This is a large glass-bottomed walkway that extends out across the canyon. You’ll literally be able to look down through the glass to see the bottom of the canyon over 1,500 meters away. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re brave you’ll be able to walk in midair. This is a fantastic and unique experience that everyone should at least try to attempt.

From whatever viewpoint you see the canyon from, whether it be from the air, from the river, from Eagle Point, from the Grand Canyon north rim, or the Grand Canyon south rim, you’ll want to be sure you have plenty of space on your camera for all the magical shots you’ll capture. The canyon changes from minute to minute, as the sun moves and casts different colors and shadows onto the rocks. This is a photographer’s paradise.

There’s plenty to do in canyon country, with an authentic Indian village to explore, and a ranch where cowboys will entertain you with rope tricks and cattle herding. If that’s all too much, you can simply relax and enjoy the view. There’s even a golf course nearby. Just think of the canyon as an extremely big water hazard!

Vegas Strip

Some of the tours also feature a fly-by of the Las Vegas strip, where you can see all the colors and lights of the entertainment capitol of the world. You can also choose to upgrade your tour to include a limousine drive through Las Vegas itself, so you can pretend to be a movie star!

Most tours include complimentary drinks and lunch, and the limousine can be stocked with a choice of complimentary liquors. On hot days there will be plenty of bottled water available. The Las Vegas VIP tour should you choose it, also includes guest list passes to a nightclub of your choice, to make your evening in Las Vegas a truly memorable one.

Whatever tour you choose, you’ll be delighted you decided to take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. You may even decide to one day come back and try another one and have a completely different experience. Some people say the canyon looks completely different each time they visit, and that no two trips are the same. So if you have a great time this time, consider coming back one day.

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