Each year, the Grand Canyon West Rim attracts approximately 700,000 visitors. This is expected to grow due to the popularity of the Skywalk, attracting thrill-seekers and adventurists.

the grand canyon west rim

The Grand Canyon West Rim is not officially part of the national park; however, the stunning scenery, amazing vistas, and the Native American ownership of the area by the Hualapai Indian Tribe provides guests with all of the wonder, mystery, and appeal associated with the Grand Canyon National Park. If you have a desire to pursue your grand escape, the Grand Canyon West Rim is the way to go!

Points of Interest

There are many points of interest throughout the Grand Canyon West Rime. You can walk, hike, take a cruise on a pontoon boat, enjoy a bird’s eye view on a helicopter tour, or even hop onboard a luxurious coach bus tour – the choice is yours! There are numerous activities that are sure to aid in the creation of lifelong memories! The following outlines the main points of interest at the West Rim:

The Grand Canyon Skywalk

skywalk on the west rim helicopter

This amazing bridge hangs a whopping 70 feet over the edge of the colorful West Rim. Composed of see-through plexiglass, the structure provides a rush to even the most dedicated adrenaline junkies and adventurists! Once on the Skywalk, guests have the capability of seeing a vast 4,000 feet below! If you have a passion for scenic beauty, this is a must-stop and see location!

Native American Village

grand canyon native americans

Do you have an interest in the Native American way of life? If so, you will love visiting the Native American Village! Here, you will get to personally observe the dwellings of the local tribes, observe a multitude of performances by those that are part of the tribe, and browse the custom-made crafts and jewelry made by the Natives.

Guano Point

guano point view

Out of all of the Grand Canyon West Rim locations, this point of interest offers the most stunning natural scenery. Visitors will get to enjoy 360-degree, breathtaking panoramic views of the national park and the captivating Colorado River. Additionally, you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy a dinner on the edge of the Grand Canyon!

The display of the Native American heritage, the stunning scenery, and the dramatic displays make the Grand Canyon West Rim an absolute favorite among visitors. If you are planning your grand escape at the Grand Canyon, you absolutely must schedule time to visit and explore the Grand Canyon West Rim. In order to enter the area, a permit must be obtained from the Hualapai Tribe.