grand canyon deluxe helicopter tour

Perhaps if you think back to your childhood, one of the places you wanted to visit was the Grand Canyon. After all, wherever you go, there are always pictures of the Grand Canyon south rim, and it just looks so cool with the steep formidable rock faces that seem to change color with each passing hour, and the cool waters of the Colorado, seemingly miles below, and meandering its way towards the Gulf of California. Part of the attraction may be because it seems like the ultimate adventure to a child, to experience this wonder of the world in all its beauty.

If you’re now working and desperately in need of a break, perhaps with a week vacation time from work, you may be thinking about what to do with your time. If you once dreamed of going to “the canyon”, and if you’ve always wanted to go on a helicopter ride, this may be your chance. Why not consider a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

Upon research, you’ll find there are many Grand Canyon helicopter tours to choose from, and many tours featuring the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. This might seem like a great idea, because if you’ve always fancied a helicopter ride too, why not do a combination? Seeing the canyon from the air is the most awesome experience ever.

Your first step will be to book one of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas tours, and before you know it, the time will come for you to go on your adventure. You can save a bit of money by taking up to five friends with you and splitting the cost. You’ll first arrive in Las Vegas and after booking into your hotel, you’ll be off to the airport to start your Grand Canyon helicopter tour, which also includes a walk on the Grand Canyon skywalk, a glass bottom walkway that extends out into the canyon itself!

As you ride out to the airstrip to meet your helicopter, the air will be full of anticipation for the experience you’re about to have. The actual helicopter ride to the canyon will take about fifteen minutes, and then you’ll have about three and a half hours to explore Eagle Point before heading back.

You won’t be disappointed; the helicopter ride will be one of the most breathtaking experiences of your life. You’ll actually get to fly through the canyon itself, banking low over the west rim before perching at Eagle Point. On the way your guide will point out a number of famous landmarks, such as the Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill and Temple Rock. Even the mighty Hoover Dam will seem small from so high up.

Once landed, the fun isn’t over. You may decide to upgrade your Grand Canyon helicopter tour by taking an extra ride down to a private bluff in the canyon. The landing site down there is only about 300 above the Colorado. This truly is a wonderful experience, and you’ll all want to take the opportunity to photograph the scenery from this unique viewpoint. After about twenty minutes the trip back up will be just as exciting as on the way down, and by now you’ll be getting used to being ferried about by helicopter, and yet you still had one more helicopter ride to go to get back to LA.

You can enjoy a meal at Eagle point, and afterwards you can check out the Grand Canyon skywalk. This Grand Canyon glass walkway is literally like stepping out over 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon north rim.

Also on your tour you can visit Guano Point, which offers some of the most stunning views of the Grand Canyon south rim and the Colorado River. You’ll also find Hualapai Ranch where you can take a short thirty-minute horseback ride. If you want to pay a little extra and upgrade, it’s possible to extend the horse ride. You can also take in a little entertainment which is laid on by the cowboys at the ranch, which includes wagon rides and roping demonstrations.

You’re bound to enjoy yourself, and it won’t be long before you’re flying again back in the helicopter, as your Grand Canyon from Las Vegas tour comes to a close. Another short helicopter ride back, (the trip from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas only being fifteen minutes), and you’ll be safely back at the airport awaiting your ride to the hotel.

Many people say looking back at the whole experience, from the helicopter rides, to the Grand Canyon skywalk, to the horse riding, you can’t chose a more exciting better vacation. You’ll be wondering why you waited all this time to take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. You may also want to consider waiting a few years and do this again, because really the experience is breathtaking and almost literally out of this world.

Deluxe Helicopter Tour Information

Booking Page:Click Here
Departure: From Las Vegas Hotels
Duration: About 7 Hours
Included: Helicopter Tour to West Rim, Lunch, Descent to a private bluff, transfer to and from hotel
Optional: Skywalk, Horseback Riding

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