free things to do in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a mysterious, yet captivating area consisting of ever-changing and highly-dramatic scenery. Hailed as one of the most spectacular of all landscapes, more than 4,000,000 people visit the national park each and every single year.

Pine forests, natural-lined steppes, brilliantly painted deserts, canyons composed of exotic sandstone, a multitude of mesas, geological attractions, the mesmerizing Colorado River, and the waterfalls in and around the park come together in a breathtaking fashion to create on the planet’s absolute greatest of landscapes.

Here are a few different free places that you may visit while on your Grand Canyon vacation.

Bright Angel Trail

bright angel trail

This is an exceptionally steep trail that starts at the Bright Angel Lodge. One way, you will travel a total of 6 miles. Experts state that this trail should only be pursued if planning to camp overnight. Out of all of the trails in and around the Grand Canyon, this is considered to be the premier – in terms of hiking.

Not only is the trail full of natural beauty and appeal, but, it is well-maintained and appropriately stocked and designed for travelers. For example, travelers will have regular access to water and rest houses. As a result of this, it is also considered to be the safest region for exploration. As one embarks on their Bright Angel Trail journey, they will discover ancient pictographs, historic structures, Bright Angel Point, and a multitude of other features that speak of its rich and magnificent history.

Grand Canyon Village

grand canyon village

The Grand Canyon Village is considered to be the most popular entry point into the national park. While visiting this free destination, travelers will discover Yavapai Point, which is considered to be one of the most remarkable areas for viewing the park. Additionally, people may visit the Grand Canyon Railway and learn of the railroad expansion and its authentic impact on the tourism industry of the region.

Havasu Falls


The Havasu Falls is deemed one of the most beautiful of all destinations within the national park. This mesmerizing desert oasis has a gorgeous backdrop of waterways that are crystal blue and a lavish, gushing waterfall that is sure to appeal to the senses. While the hike to this free Grand Canyon destination is a total of 10 miles, once there, travelers will find themselves in the midst of a true Havasupai Indian Reservation. If planning to make this journey, it is important to pack plenty of supplies and to plan on staying overnight.


There are many free destinations and activities in and around the Grand Canyon. Additionally, there are multitudes of ways to explore what this amazing national park has to offer. Examples include helicopter tours, boat tours, riding a mule through the wild, jeep tours, airplane tours, and more! If you want to make the most of your Grand Canyon vacation, be certain to visit our website today. Not only do we offer many methods of exploration, we also have a variety of tours that will allow you to see the Grand Canyon in a highly intimate fashion.