If you are a camping enthusiast, a destination that should not be overlooked is the magnificent Grand Canyon. Each year, 6 million people visit this exceptionally beautiful park. Grand Canyon Camping is an extraordinary adventure.

It is not at all surprising to find that the Grand Canyon is one of the most popular destinations for travelers.

With is beauty, its dramatically captivating landscapes, and its sheer number of expansive viewpoints, it is difficult to walk away from the experience completely changed and enthralled with the natural wonders within the world.

The Grand Canyon offers the most memorable and absolutely incredible camping and hiking opportunities. If you are an enthusiast with a love for the great outdoors, continue reading to learn more.

The Bright Angel Campground

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While there are many unique vistas for campers located in and around the Grand Canyon, the Bright Angel Campground is – by far – the most popular spot for outdoor adventurers.

Located just a half of a mile north to the immensely popular Colorado River and to the side of the Bright Angel Creek, this campground is situated at the bottom area of the Grand Canyon.

Here, you can camp on the beautiful banks of the creek or opt to set up at the base of historical towering cliffs. As you camp in the midst of gorgeous Cottonwood trees, you will discover the true beauty that the national park has to offer.

In order to get to the campground, you will have to descend a whopping 5,000 feet by means of one of the corridor trails in the area.

If starting off at the North Rim, you will be required to journey down the North Kaibab Trail. If you are starting your journey on the South Rim, you could choose to take the South Kaibab Trail or you may opt for the Bright Angel Trial – the choice is yours!

If you find that all of that hiking makes it a bit overwhelming to carry your gear and supplies, the Grand Canyon offers a service that will allow you to pay for a mule to carry your load.

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Reservations and The Required Permit

To camp below the rim at the Grand Canyon, you should make your reservations well in advance because a Backcountry Permit is required. You may apply for this special permit four months prior to your Grand Canyon camping trip.

The national park typically only issues approximately 13,000 of these special permits a year but receives near or above 30,000 requests annually. Therefore, it is imperative that you plan your trip and make the proper arrangements well in advance and as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you are able to obtain that which is necessary and experience the trip of a lifetime – with no complications.

Hike Rim to Rim on Your Camping Trip

Canyon Camping Safari Hike.

While on your camping trip, you will find that there are wide assortments of activities to pursue – one of which being hiking. Currently, a specially-designed tour is available that will allow you to hike from one rim of the Grand Canyon to another rim.

This tour is a guided backpacking adventure that will put you starting at the North Rim.

While going to your destination, you will get to pass over the Marble Canyon Gorge, the Arizona Strip, and through the Kaibab National Forest.

Once at the North Rim, you will start your descent on your rim to rim trip. You will hike down at a distance of seven miles in order to reach the first campsite, which is located at Cottonwood Camp.

The second day, you will hike down another total area of seven miles in order to reach the previously mentioned Bright Angel Campground. This is located next to Phantom Ranch, which was built by the famous female architect, Mary Colter. While in this area, you have the freedom to explore numerous canyons and the Colorado River.

The morning of the third day, you will cross the amazing Colorado River by way of an extension bridge. You will then hike a total of four miles. This hike will take place on the Bright Angel Trail, which will lead you to the Indian Garden campsite. While here, you will get to explore a very large artesian spring and the go to a beautiful viewpoint that looks out over the Colorado River.

On the final day, you will hike four and a half miles to the South Rim. If you would like to learn more or make your reservation, click the following link: Rim to Rim Hike

Hike to the Colorado River

landing in the grand canyon by colorado river

If you would like to witness the beauty and wonder of the famous Colorado River, the newly-added hike to the river tour is for you!

Here, you will start your journey at the South Kaibab Trail. You will then hike seven miles to reach the popular Bright Angel Campground. In order to reach the campsite, you will walk over the Colorado River by way of the extension bridge that is in place. You may then explore after setting up camp. You may check out the river, Phantom Ranch, and various other sites of interest.

The next day, you will embark on the Bright Angel Trail and head over to the Indian Garden Campground. This is only a total of five miles. Here, you will get to visit the Plateau Point and witness the natural beauty of the national park up close.

On the third day of the tour, you will hike to the South Rim. This tour is wonderful as it includes everything that you need – from the guide, to the gear, to the permit, and more!

If you would like to set up this tour and start planning your trip, click the following link in order to get started:
Classic Hike to the River

Hiking and Camping Safety

If you are interested in setting up a camping trip and hiking in and around the Grand Canyon, it is important to ensure that you do it in a safe manner. In order to protect yourself, it is important that you opt for a tour that is operated by a certified tour guide. Not only do these individuals know the area, they also know how to handle a situation or emergency – should it arise.

While hiking independently throughout the national park may seem appealing, it is not at all safe. However, enlisting the assistance of a professional is the safest option.

If you are planning a trip, tour, or hike to Bright Angel Campground, it is advised that you opt to take Bright Angel Trail. This is a trail that is ten miles in length. It takes you right to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but offers many special features.

First, you will have access to drinking water.

If you have an emergency, there are accommodations all along the trails. You will also find that there are many park rangers and volunteers that work along this trail.

Additionally, there are restrooms, other guests, and other features. To remain safe, this is the safest route to Bright Angel Campground and other popular hiking destinations.

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Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel Campground is the most economical and considered to be one of the safest of campsites. While camping at the Grand Canyon, this should be your top destination – in terms of accommodations for your visit.

It is a shaded area, has access to water, there are restrooms, picnic tables and seating, and if you need them, there are also phones that may be used for emergencies.

If you elect to stay at the Bright Angel Campground, remember to have your permit. If you do not and are caught without one by one of the park rangers, you will be required to leave and hike back up to the canyon.


When packing for your camping trip, do not skimp on the necessities. Items like clothing, sunscreen, whistles, first aid kits, lighting options, and all of those other types of safety items are necessary. Unfortunately, hiking with all of these items may prove to be a bit challenging and even a danger to the health for some.

If you will be hiking through the park, make arrangements to obtain a mule to carry your supplies. This will make your camping trip more enjoyable and a lot easier.

If you are interested in camping by way of a special tour, be sure to choose one that includes all of the gear and supplies that you will need for your hike and your camping trip.

Yes, you will still be required to carry the items or pay for a mule to carry the items, but it is so much easier than having to pack and bring along all of your own supplies.

Remember, you are vacationing. It should be fun and enjoyable. It should not be a burden. This is especially true when visiting the Grand Canyon.

If you would like to explore the tours that are available or would like to have help setting up your Grand Canyon camping trip, you may visit us today by clicking on the following link: https://grandcanyonhelicoptertour.net/