If you are seeking to engage in one of the single-most thrilling leisure activities and are a recreational enthusiast, you are sure to enjoy a Grand Canyon white water rafting adventure!

If you have a fascination with the natural wonders situated throughout the Grand Canyon, have an appreciation for fascinating wildlife scenery, and enjoy rushes of natural adrenaline, you absolutely must partake in the Self-Drive 1-Day Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Tour!grand canyon white water rafting

This amazing adventure provides you with the memorable experience of conquering the challenging currents of the Colorado River, which is surrounded by the geologically-mesmerizing cliffs of the Grand Canyon.

A Brief History of Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting has been enjoyed by millions of people since the early 1800s. In the year of 1811, an attempt to raft through the dangerous Snake River located in the State of Wyoming was recorded. Unfortunately, those that set out on this adventure lacked the equipment, tools, and training necessary to succeed in the endeavor. As a result of the difficult waters, the river was given the nickname of “Mad River”. It is believed that the first raft – composed of rubber – was created in the 1840s. This was done by two men – Horace H. Day and Lt. John Fremont. This creation stemmed from the pursuit of a survey job through the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. The first commercial-based rafting trip occurred in the year 1940 when Clyde Smith led an amazing adventure through the Snake River Canyon. Since then, millions have taken part in this highly enjoyable leisure sport. Now, you can, too!

Initiating the Tour

To start this amazing adventure, you will drive yourself to the Peace Springs, which is located in the State of Arizona. This is the region that the Hualapai Native Americans reside and is perfectly situated at the popular gateway that leads into the breathtaking Grand Canyon National Park. Immediately after check-in, you will be transported to the famous Colorado River. Your guide will be one of the many Hualapai Native Americans that call the region their home. This individual will guide you on a highly enjoyable 40-mile tour that lasts approximately 5.5 hours through the river. The rapids are typically rated from class 3 to class 6, so, you are sure to experience a consistent rush of adrenaline.

More Than Just a Raft Ride

grand canyon river rafting colorado riverThis fun-filled journey includes more than just a raft ride. As you tour the river, your tour guide will make periodic stops.

You will get to see and explore secret canyons that are hidden away within the depths of the national park, you will get to witness the spectacular beauty of some of the world’s most amazing waterfalls, and you will get to observe geological history – up close and personal.

This exciting tour provides numerous opportunities to take pictures and observe the secrets of our planet in an intimate fashion.

A lunch is provided. At the end of the tour, you will embark on an air journey in a luxurious helicopter that will take you to the widely-popular West Rim for even more adventuring!

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