Can you imagine soaring above the Grand Canyon, taking in the beauty and history of a truly awe inspiring national gem?

A helicopter tour is the easiest way to get there. Just book a tour online and all the details are taken care of. We’ve picked our best tours for you at the end of this post.

grand canyon helicopter tour

As if you needed convincing to fly above the Grand Canyon. This gorgeous geological wonder includes over 1 million acres of breathtaking scenery. The national park includes 277 miles of vastly flowing water along the Colorado River, a vast section of highlands, and massive geological formations.

When it comes to sensational scenic vistas, wildlife, plant life, and mesmerizing beauty, the Grand Canyon stands unmatched. Now, you have the unique opportunity to see all of this and more by embarking on one of our Grand Canyon helicopter tours.


“There’s not a single person in Arizona today who would say the Grand Canyon was a mistake.” – Stewart Udall

Not only is the Grand Canyon – in itself – a national park, but there are a total of 22 other national parks within the Grand Canyon. Each plays a unique role in the overall history of the area, but it is exceptionally difficult to explore all of these areas. Helicopter tours allow you to see everything quickly and in a jaw dropping manner.

If you are in search of a vacation experience that will excite you, mystify you, and leave you in complete awe of the world’s natural beauty, Grand Canyon helicopter tours are the way to go!

According to those that travel the world, the Grand Canyon is considered one of the most stunning, and most scenic regions throughout the world.

view from helicopter

The sky seems to offer the perfect vantage point.  Embarking on your journey in a luxurious helicopter, you”ll capture glimpses of landmarks and geological formations that can’t be seen from the ground. You may even see wildlife that would shy away from those traveling on foot.

The helicopter tours typically last fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, forty-five minutes, or several hours at a time.

You may take charter flights, pre-planned tours, and – in some instances – customizable helicopter tours. Prices, locations, and times vary.

The following tours are wildly popular among visitors to the Grand Canyon with thousands of five star reviews. Book one of these tours and enjoy a memory that will last a lifetime.

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