Activities at the Grand Canyon

Painting the Grand canyon

Other than being beautiful, the Grand Canyon has many fun and educational activities that anyone can take part in.

The scenery alone is very entertaining, but the experience of the Grand Canyon doesn’t end there. There are activities for all tastes- from highly physical activities, to sedate and relaxing educational activities for all ages. Whatever your taste and desires, the Grand Canyon probably has something perfect for you. Here’s a quick example of some of the more popular activities at the Grand Canyon, to get your wheels turning while planning your next trip.

visit the grand canyon

Take a balloon’s eye view of the canyon!

There are hot air balloon rides that take people on world class aerial rides giving you the best seat in the house. If you’ve ever been interested in giving a hot air balloon a try, this is definitely the right place to do it.

And, while we’re on the subject of getting up in the air, take a look at some of the local helicopter ride offerings. Bar 10 ranch offers helicopter rides for anyone that wants one (and is willing to spend the money) for a arial experience that you can’t even get with a hot air balloon. As a fast, adrenaline pumping, and once in a lifetime activity, this helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon will impress you.

There are tours of the Grand Canyon, all offered on ATV’s! Similar to horseback without the bucking broncos, your ATV will get you to scenic overlooks and spots that your feet can’t in a short amount of time, spreading your experience of the Grand Canyon even further from the ground. And, there are multi-person ATV’s for families with children- something else difficult for horse riding tours. You have to sign your life over with a release, but it might be worth it!

Speaking of horses…

grand canyon horseback riding

…no Grand Canyon trip would be complete without a good old fashioned horseback ride, especially when you think of riding into the majestic Grand Canyon.

There are lots of tours to choose from, and you don’t have to be an experienced rider to participate.

To get really up close and personal to the Grand Canyon, consider taking a guided tour on a river raft!



Photo credit: White Water Mag Ltd

One of the most popular Grand Canyon activities in history, you get to ride the mighty Colorado River through the depths of the canyon itself. See and experience the Canyon’s great majesty all around you, all while having a great time on an exciting raft expedition. Tour guides are highly experienced and know their stuff, so you know you’re safe.

And finally- what would a trip out west be if you didn’t get to shoot ‘em up!

Yep, there’s also skeet shooting available for people somewhat experienced handling a rifle. If you’re unfamiliar with skeet shooting, it’s a simple concept. Clay “pigeons” or disks are thrown into the air, and the person with the gun shoots them out of the air. It’s an exercise to mimic shooting foul as they flutter from the ground into the air in an effort to get away while hunting. For many people interested in the sport, it’s popular. You can always watch of course, and even if you’re not comfortable with guns themselves, it’s a lot of fun to watch.

There’s a lot to do at the Grand Canyon- more than sitting on the rim and taking it all in. Consider giving one of these experiences a try next time you visit!

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