Fun Things to Do at the Grand Canyon

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There’s a lot more to the Grand Canyon than majestic overlooks that are simply out of this world. Yes, the views are simply out of this world, but your experience can be even more amazing than just world class scenery. How? Take a look at these fun things to do at the Grand Canyon.

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You’ve probably heard of the famous Grand Canyon Mule Rides.

There are two distinct sets of mule rides available at this time, each focused on the North Rim and South Rim of the canyon. The South Rim rides are the most popular and all have to be booked well in advance. For South Rim day trip rides such as the 3 hour Abyss Overlook Ride, you have to book at least 13 months in advance. The South Rim overnight ride at Phantom Ranch has to be booked even earlier before your trip and costs $924.04 USD for two people- but the experience is amazing. North Rim rides cost a lot less than the South Rim Rides per person and can be bought on site, although they fill up really fast. The longest North Rim mule ride lasts a half a day and takes the famous Kaibab Trail into the heart of the canyon. This trip costs $80.00 per person.

The Grand Canyon has a rail line designed for passengers to enjoy a scenic view of the canyon and surrounding area.

grand canyon railwayBuilt in 1901, this railway traveled from Williams to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim before there was a national park. You can purchase tickets alone, or you can include a round trip ride on the Williams and Train with a vacation package that includes lodging at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. The train itself is a relic of the old west and is sure to delight just about anyone.

For serious hikers, the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon is a real treat.

Dubbed one of America’s most dangerous hiking trails; this hiking experience commands top-notch physical endurance and strength. This isn’t because the trail itself is necessarily dangerous or perilous, but because the climate is so hot and dry, any physical activity can be challenging. This is why any hiking around the Grand Canyon should only be done by people who are physically fit and in reasonable condition. So, if you’re up for the task, the Bright Angel Trail is one of the most scenic hiking experiences in the world and should never be overlooked on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

There are many more amazingly fun things to do at the Grand Canyon, and it was difficult to pick a few of the best. Overall, the Grand Canyon is a jewel and should be experienced to its fullest any time you get to go. Take advantage of the opportunities to experience the raw beauty and majesty of this wonderful place, as there are many. But whatever you choose, remember to have a great time and take lots of photographs, as it’s one trip you’ll never want to forget.

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