Taking a Grand Canyon Tour with your Children

In an age where vacation entertainment for kids comes in the forms of fast rollercoasters, IMAX theaters, Disney Characters, and general loud excitement at every turn, the idea that taking the kids on an exciting vacation to the Grand Canyon might not seem like a good first choice.

take a grand canyon helicopter tours

Coupled with the fact that kids too, like their parents, are buried into their smartphones for much of their waking days doesn’t help. But the truth is, the Grand Canyon is an exciting and memorable adventure for kids that offer lots of entertainment and excitement- in many more ways than any smartphone app or Disney character costumed park worker can offer. What’s so great about the Grand Canyon and what can your kids get out of a vacation there? Take a look!

Lower Ribbon Falls - Grand Canyon

  • Children are naturally interested in the details of the world around them, and the Grand Canyon offers lots of opportunity for little minds and hands to explore these details. Not only is the sheer basic amount of factual information on its size and immensity interesting to kids, but the colors and formations of the rocks themselves will fascinate most children. The unique flora and fauna will interest young minds as well. There are lots of young Ranger programs offered daily at the Grand Canyon that center around finding fossils, looking at different rock layers, learning about the geography of the area, and so on. For a lot of eager to learn minds, this kind of experience is once in a lifetime.
  • Kids over the years have had a storybook fascination with Native American culture, and the Grand Canyon area offers a lot of very authentic Native American tour experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. The Hualapai people live in the Grand Canyon basin and have for hundreds of years. They offer scenic tours and experiences unique to the area they live in, experiences that include world class waterfall scenery and boat rides.
  • A train runs from the main resort to the canyon, and is very family oriented. What kid doesn’t love trains, let alone a ride on a very old, authentic relic? Start at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and take the train to the Grand Canyon for a day full of scenic views, up close encounters with the wildlife, and a chance to ride the rails like they did in the old west. Oh, and the hotel is pretty nice too.
  • Finally, enjoy a sunset helicopter ride with your kids. There are several outfits that offer helicopter rides and experiences that allow for amazing flyovers of the Grand Canyon. Taken at sunset, this stunning ride will probably change the lives of your children forever. It offers a view of the enormous terrain and beauty, and reminds them that they’re a small part of the entire big picture. What a great lesson!

So, have your kids put away the typical everyday distractions for a while and enjoy time spent with them at the Grand Canyon. It’s a fantastic place to tour with your children, and they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives.