The 3 Best Places to Eat at the Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon isn’t exactly known for its restaurants and foodie offerings, but there are some gems alongside the amazing geological wonder.

When you visit, you should give these places to eat some of your time. They’ll help enhance your trip’s experience and also keep you well fed for all of that exploring you’re going to be doing while you visit. Here are the three best places to eat at the Grand Canyon National Park.


  1. The dining room at El Tovar Lodge: Even if you’re not staying at the El Tovar Lodge (which you should consider, it’s centrally located and world class) you should still enjoy a meal at their dining room. Overall, the service, cleanliness, atmosphere, and food offerings are very, very good and classy. The charm of an old time lodge is appealing and suits the area well. There’s a good sized menu to choose from to please an entire family, and for the portion sizes you get the value is pretty good. One of the more expensive places to visit for food around the Grand Canyon, it’s definitely worth it.
  2. Phantom Ranch: Sitting at the base of the Grand Canyon, Phantom Ranch serves as a respite from long, hot, dusty travels around and down into the canyon. Not fancy, but the food is very good and filling, and the experience is very welcoming and inviting. If you’re at the Grand Canyon, chances are you’re not interested in fancy anyway, and this place is the perfect representation of what the Grand Canyon is all about. Connected to Phantom Ranch are the cabins that you can rest your weary head in at night after a big family style meal and power up for the trip out of the canyon later.
  3. Finally, the Arizona Room boasts some of the best views that any restaurant offers in the Grand Canyon National Park area, and has a menu that compliments it pretty well. Not completely known for its excellence in cuisine, the food is still pretty good but the breathtaking scenery will make up for it. The menu is pretty encompassing of many tastes and offers most basic American restaurant classics. The price is decent, and is probably accurately reflected in the overall quality of the food. But again, the Arizona Room makes up for it with it’s scenery. So, if you’re looking forward to eating a hot meal and looking at the Grand Canyon at the same time, the Arizona Room has you covered.

Overall, the Grand Canyon is mostly known for its scenery, it’s learning experience, and it’s charming historical flavor.

There are great places to eat there, but keep in mind that nothing is fancy and you won’t find much more outside of typical American restaurant fare.

But, it’s all very family friendly and will please most picky eaters. On long hard days discovering the wonders that the Grand Canyon holds, these three restaurants will pick you up and offer you a further experience that will make your trip to the Grand Canyon that much more memorable.