What You Should Take on a Trip to the Grand Canyon

Visiting the Grand Canyon can be, for many, a once in a lifetime experience. What you take with you can either enhance that experience, or completely ruin it. For such an adventure, there are several “must have” pieces of equipment and other considerations that should always be with you if you get a chance to visit this wonder of the world. Here are a few suggestions on what you should take with you on a trip to the Grand Canyon.


You’ll need a very good yet very affordable digital camera. You want this camera to be able to take decent photos that you’ll be proud of years from now, but you want a camera that can take a beating or, if it did become lost you wouldn’t feel the pinch in your wallet. Sorry, leave your iPhone Instagram photo habit at home for this trip- remember, you’ll want to be proud of these photos years from now. This Canon Powershot SX260 has exactly what you need in a camera for capturing great photos of the Grand Canyon. Its size makes it easy to pack. It’s a durable camera. It takes amazing photos for its size and specs. And, you can purchase a camera that’s used and still get a great product.

Water. The Grand Canyon is hot and dry, and if you choose to buy water on site, you’re going to pay a pretty penny for it. Instead, pack a water bottle ahead of time. This Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Water Bottle is designed to be easy to carry and pack with its slim shape, but also features a 100 gallon internal filter- so you can pretty much fill this bottle with hotel water and feel good about it. It’s insulated so your water will stay crisp and cold for a long time. Oh, and it comes in lots of great colors.

Good shoes that still breathe are a must. Good hiking sandals are hard to come by, but thankfully Teva has you covered. If you stick around the tourist areas, you’ll need a shoe that lets your feet breathe in the hot climate, but also supports your feet and gives you great traction as you walk about the sometimes unsteady terrain. The Teva Dozer III for women is one example of a great hiking sandal. It’s low to the ground, offers great ankle support and arch support, and is completely synthetic so it’s easy to wash and care for. There’s a version for men too.

And finally, the Grand Canyon is sunny and hot, and there’s not a lot of shade. Do not forget your sunblock. You’ll need a sunblock that will stand the test of the day, through sweat, wind, and general heavy use. Try this Aloe Gator SPF 40+ Gel, used by professional surfers, scuba divers, tennis players, climbers, and all sorts of professional athletes. It’s not a product you’ll find at your local store, so you might have to settle for buying it online.

And there you have it! Four basic things you need to bring with you on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Forget one of these things, and your trip won’t be as much fun, guaranteed.