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In our first installment, we introduced you to two spectacular tours that will allow you to experience the luck, lights, and leisure of Las Vegas – The Las Vegas Night Tour of the Strip and Legends in Concert at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Las Vegas is a lavish city covered in luxury where many flock in hopes that Lady Luck will shine down upon them.

However, there is much more to the city than card tables, slot machines, and bright lights. Here, we will explore two more tours that you are sure to enjoy if you long to travel to the City of Lights.

Experience the Luck, Lights, and Leisure with These Luxurious Las Vegas Tour Packages


Blue Man Group at Luxor Hotel & Casino

blue man group in las vegas

Are you in search of a family-oriented tour that is perfect for people of all ages?

If so, the Blue Man Group tour is for you! The amazing blue men performers bring an amazing show to the stage that includes multimedia theatrics, a vast array of music, and even comedy!

Vibrant colors, amazing special effects, and specially-designed lighting make this performance absolutely amazing! The experience breaches on the edges of euphoria and is exquisitely unforgettable!

Not only will the performers connect with you, but, you will find yourself connecting to them and all of the others that are part of the audience.

Radiance, splendor, and festivity make this tour one of the most popular and memorable within the City of Lights!

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Las Vegas Strip Night Flight by Helicopter

las vegas tour packages - strip by helicopter

Do you have a passion for adventure? Do you have a desire to embark on a journey that will allow you to see the City of Lights as never before?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, the Las Vegas Strip Night Flight by Helicopter Tour is for you!

This sightseeing adventure is like none other.

Immediately before lift-off in a luxurious helicopter, you will get to have a champagne toast. Immediately after being lifted into the air, you will observe the glitter and glam of the local casinos, the towering and bustling hotels, as well as numerous popular landmarks.

The illumination of Las Vegas combined with the bird’s eye view of this tantalizing tour will leave you hungering for more!

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There are many different Las Vegas tour packages available. Helicopter, airplane, hot air balloon,  or cruise around the city in a limo or a luxurious motor coach. There are dozens of performances – like singing, dancing, and magic! You can explore the food, hotels, bars, and clubs on the Strip.

Browse through our immense collection of tours and adventures, you are sure to discover the perfect opportunity to experience Las Vegas.

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