This went above and beyond my expectations!! It was worth every penny. It was a once in a lifetime experience. you will not be disappointed! just do it!
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the Grand Canyon makes the most incredible vacation.

Five million people visit this awe inspiring place each year. With over 1.2 million acres of breathtaking scenery, its not hard to see why.

Even though our focus is on Grand Canyon helicopter tours, the canyon is vast. There is SO much to do that the options seem almost endless. Let us help you find the perfect Grand Canyon vacation for you. Ready to get started?  Click the links below to Choose Your Adventure!





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Fun for the family, one day tours to multi day tours, camping, hiking and so much more. There’s SO much to do in the Grand Canyon. Let Us Take You There. Browse tour packages, hand picked and reviewed by visitors and find the perfect tour for you.


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What’s Going on at the Grand Canyon?


We love keeping you up-to-date on the happenings at the Grand Canyon and in Las Vegas. We regularly update our website with informative articles on where to go on vacation, what to take with you on your trip, and how to get the most out of your adventure to make the memories last a lifetime! Come back often and enjoy the scenery. Its truly breathtaking.

Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Village is a small town in Northern Arizona, situated on the South rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. Whether you prefer sleeping under the stars or in a hotel, with soft beds and running water, Grand Canyon Village is an ideal hub for all your...

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The El Tovar Hotel at The Grand Canyon

If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, make your lodging reservations at the El Tovar Hotel, located on the canyons South Rim. Designed by the popular Charles Whittlesey, the hotel opened its doors to the public in 1905. The uniquely designed structure was...

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Add Glen Canyon Dam to the Top of Your Bucket List

It’s time to dispel the urban myth about not enough time to see the natural and manmade splendor of the Western United States. Investing a day of your vacation to Arizona, Utah, and/or Nevada gives enough time to experience Glen Canyon Dam near Paige, Arizona. By...

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High Roller Ferris Wheel: 5 Great Reasons to Visit

The High Roller Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas Some people like to do things big. The High Roller Ferris wheel did not miss that mark. This 550 foot monster is more than just a ferris wheel, it's an 'observational wheel' that takes a full 30 minutes to complete one...

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Fun Budget-Friendly Grand Canyon Adventures

Known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon offers many unique opportunities to view wildlife and experience the cultural aspects of the Native Americans. While traveling is typically considered expensive, you will be pleased to know that...

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Must-See Grand Canyon Attractions for the Travel Enthusiast

It's a must-see for all travel enthusiasts; however, there are many Grand Canyon attractions that all enthusiasts should see. The Grand Canyon is a massive region in northern Arizona that measures an amazing 277 miles lengthwise, 18 miles in terms of width, and 1 mile...

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Free Places to Visit in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a mysterious, yet captivating area consisting of ever-changing and highly-dramatic scenery. Hailed as one of the most spectacular of all landscapes, more than 4,000,000 people visit the national park each and every single year. Pine forests,...

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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours – We’re More than That

It’s important to know what customers, the public, and other businesses think and know about us. Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour is so much more than that. Certainly, the Grand Canyon is an incredibly breathtaking experience. We like to feel we’re doing our part to make...

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Celebrate Las Vegas Excitement on Fremont Street

With so much to see and do in Las Vegas, it’s hard to pinpoint activities that stand out from the rest and yet remain family friendly. One of the winners in this city of luck is the experience of Fremont Street. Its historical value attracts visitors, as the first...

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Ten Ways to Enjoy the Grand Canyon in the Fall

How long has it been since you’ve visited the Grand Canyon? More than five million people go to the breathtaking National Park annually. Because 75% of the tourists schedule their arrival during the summer, vacationers who prefer a less crowded experience can have it...

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Day Trips and Excursions from Las Vegas

Want to get away from the strip for a while on your Vegas Vacation? We have tons of day trips and excursions from Las Vegas to choose from. From Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon and so many more, there are dozens of options to fill your day. Here are our top 5 day trips...

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