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The Most Exciting Grand Canyon Off-Road Adventures – Part 1

The Grand Canyon offers visitors a spectacular first-hand experience of the grandiosity of nature. Situated in the northern region of Arizona, this natural wonder serves as a “window” into the geological past and an immensely beautiful world that consists of a varied collaboration of plant and animal life.

Hailed as the single most spectacular gorge throughout the entire world, the Grand Canyon is one of the greatest visual spectacles. Its vastness is so immense that it is absolutely stunning!

While there are a number of special tours that may be taken when visiting the national park, none are able to capture the beauty and appeal of the buttes, the mesas, the waterfalls, the spires, and the Colorado River like the off-road adventure!

In this two-part series, you will be introduced to a few of the most exciting Grand Canyon off-road adventures EVER, according to guests.

grand-canyon-east-rim-drive-by-jeepEast Rim Drive by Jeep and IMAX Movie

One of the most enjoyable of all off-road adventures in the Grand Canyon is the East Rim Drive by Jeep and IMAX Movie tour. This particular tour initiates at the South Rim of the national park and drives along this particular region so that you may witness some of the most majestic natural scenes.

The tour is led by a friendly, knowledgeable guide that has the ability to expound on the history, wildlife, geological formations, and plant life within the vicinity that you will travel. Before your drive, though, you will get to watch a captivating film that introduces you to the Grand Canyon at the National Geographic IMAX theater.

This adventure may last anywhere from two to three hours. Additionally, you may opt for a day tour, a sunset tour, or an extended-based sunset tour – the choice is yours!

grand-canyon-south-rim-jeep-tourSouth Rim Jeep Tour with Transport from Tusayan

If you will be in or around the Tusayan region, you should opt for the South Rim Jeep Tour with Tusayan Transport off-road adventure! According to visitors, the South Rim is a mesmerizing location that is exploding with numerous opportunities to explore the wild! You will be driven to, through, and around some of the most magnificent of all locations within the national park. This is a family-friendly tour that offers numerous options for taking pictures! You will get to take a break from your adventure at the Grandview Point. You will also get a ticket that you may use to witness the Grand Canyon IMAX Adventure located at the National Geographic Visitor Center!

As you can see, many off-road adventures wait for you and yours at the Grand Canyon! In this guide, you have been introduced to two of the highest-rated tours currently available to guests. Not only do these tours offer a lot of exploration, but, they are priced to match any budget! Furthermore, there are many additional perks included!

Examples include transportation to and from your hotel, photography stops, and more!

Be sure to return next week as we continue to outline the best off-road experiences in and around the Grand Canyon! Click here to discover other fun and exciting tours