We here at Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours would like to encourage everyone to start planning for their summer vacation now. Now that spring has sprung, we are in the last mile of the academic school year, and hotels are filling up fast, it is time to start planning that fun-filled family vacation.

Grand Canyon Vacation

While the temperatures will soon be soaring and the great outdoors are constantly coming to life, now you and your loved ones can be soaring and experiencing life in new and unexpected ways this summer – especially if you have a desire to travel to or around the Grand Canyon. Use our easy-to-navigate site to make your dream vacation become a reality!

Our Focus

We here at Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours have a natural fascination and immense appreciation of the history and genuine beauty of the Grand Canyon.

This is an area that – we believe – should be experienced at least one time by every single person in their lifetime. We have created a website in order to provide the most comprehensive amount of information about the national park, as well as all of the events, activities, and tours that are in and around the area.

We are passionate about this area of the world and all of the adventure that awaits you. As a result, we have created a highly detailed website that contains only the best of the best in the area, and beyond! We are your one-stop source for summer vacation planning!

The Home Page

By glancing at our home page, you can see that it provides an immense amount of information.

First, you will observe our top-rated summer vacation tour package.

This is immediately followed by information regarding the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours, as rated by our fabulous guests. At the bottom, you will see three sections – “I Want to See”, “I Want to Do”, and “I Want to Go”. You can easily navigate through this area to learn about top destinations and activities. Examples include the popular glass-bottomed Skywalk, mule rides, and even the ever-popular Hualapai Village!

Grand Canyon Tours

If you want to embark on the journey of a lifetime, visit our “Grand Canyon Tours” tab, located at the top of our website. Here, you will discover amazing adventures, exciting tours, and a large assortment of activities that you may take part in while on a summer vacation to the Grand Canyon.

Additionally, you will get to read about an assortment of tours and be presented with a comprehensive video that will leave you anxiously awaiting your fun-filled trip to one of the most popular natural wonders of the world!

Las Vegas Tours

Are you in anticipation of spending a little time in Las Vegas? If so, click on the “Las Vegas Tours” tab at the top of our site. It does not matter if you have an interest in taste-testing, live shows, nightlife adventures, hiking or flying, you are sure to discover tours and activities on this section of our website that will help you plan a splendid summer vacation in Sin City!

Special Deals

Going on summer vacation on a budget? We can help you with that! Our “Special Deals” tab introduces you to all of the immense savings and discounts that we are currently offering travelers. Visit frequently and often to get the inside scoop on all of the savings!

Worldwide Travel

If you want to visit another area throughout the world, click on the “Worldwide Travel” tab in order to find the best destinations for your perfect trip! Go to a Moulin Rouge Show Paris, take a tour of Capitol Hill, or snatch up a Forever Florida Adventure Pack – the choice is yours!

Grand Canyon Info

Learn all that you need to know on the “Grand Canyon Info” tab. Here, you can learn a wealth of information. Examples include information about the Native Americans, the animals you will see in and around the Grand Canyon, and the absolute BEST places to eat while on your trip!

The Blog

Do you have an interest in fun, exciting, and even offbeat information? If so, you will love the content available on our “Blog” tab. Simply click, explore, and read all about it!

There you have it – everything you need to know about how to use our detailed website to plan your summer vacation. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply need a little assistance in getting your summer vacation planned, feel free to contact us today!