Are you ready to embark on one of the most exciting and memorable adventures of all time? A trip to the Grand Canyon.

Known as one of the most beautiful of the seven natural-based wonders within the world, over 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park each and every single year.

It is an area known for its awe-inspiring beauty and its overwhelming level of vastness. But what is the price of a helicopter tour of such an attraction and how do you choose the best tour to get the most out of your adventure? Continue reading to learn more.

Why Take a Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is exceptionally large. In fact, it consists of over 1.2 million acres. Additionally, it is a mile deep and over 10 miles wide. Due to the varied landscapes and the immense size of the park, walking, hiking, biking, or riding in a vehicle or by mule or horse will not allow you the unique experience of truly seeing the Grand Canyon and its spectacular beauty.

Helicopters are allowed to fly much lower than airplanes and have the unique ability to fly over the park, through the park, and even land at the bottom of the park.

A helicopter tour provides more than a “bird’s eye view”; it provides an aerial view that allows you to get up close and personal to all of the scenery that makes the park so popular among visitors.

Do the Helicopters Land?

While there are several helicopter tours that simply fly over a certain region of the park and allow you to catch glimpses of the cliffs, wildlife, and the Colorado River that abound, there are several helicopter tours that actually land within the park.

One example is the Grand Canyon All American Helicopter Tour.

all american helicopter tour

When taking this tour, you will get to enjoy amazing aerial views of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. You will get to see volcanoes that are long extinct, experience what it is like to fly over the Las Vegas Strip, and land 3,200 feet down into the national park, where you will get to enjoy a picnic and champagne. To make the most of your adventure, it is advised that you opt for a helicopter tour that allows you to experience the Grand Canyon by air and on the ground.

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45 minute helicopter flight

What is the Price of a Helicopter Tour That is Short?

If you have the desire to observe the beauty of the massive gorges and other geological formations of the Grand Canyon but are limited on time, you will be pleased to know that there are many short tours that are relatively inexpensive.

From less than $260, you can take the Grand Canyon Flight with Optional Hummer Tour.

This tour includes a 25-minute helicopter ride over the forest of the North Rim and the deepest and widest area of the South Rim, referred to as “Dragon Corridor”.

If you would like to do a little ground exploration, you can choose to take a hummer tour where you will see Yavapai Point, Moran Point, and several other amazing destinations. Your tour can be as little as 25 minutes or as long as 270 minutes – depending on if you want to take the hummer tour.

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Are There Kid-Friendly Helicopter Tours?

There are several different helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon that are considered to be “kid-friendly”. When choosing a tour, it is best to review their guidelines to determine if children are or are not permitted on a particular tour.

If you are in search of a family-friendly helicopter tour that allows children, you should consider the Cowboy Cabin & Wild West Adventure Tour from Las Vegas.

Once you and your family arrive at the Western Ranch, you will get to board a helicopter to see the West Rim after riding through the desert on a wagon.

At sunset, you will get to ride horseback to observe the beautiful scenery. When you return, you can gather around a campfire for dinner, music, and stories given by a cowboy. Then, you will stay overnight in a climate-controlled cabin.

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Are Attractions Offered with Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon?

There are several attractions throughout the Grand Canyon. The most popular is the Skywalk and boat rides on the Colorado River. Many helicopter tours offer included admission to the attractions. If you have an interest in this type of tour, you should opt for the Best of the West Rim tour, which starts at $274.99.

Best of the West Rim Tour

With this tour, you can also choose to have admission to the Skywalk added and the luxury of taking a boat ride. This is a family-friendly/kid-friendly tour that lasts approximately 7 hours.

Your tour will start with an airplane ride from Las Vegas and can include a helicopter ride to the floor of the canyon, where you will get to ride on a pontoon boat.

While on the helicopter and the boat, you will not only get to observe the beauty of the national park, but you will receive a live narration that tells of the geology and history of the area. Additionally, you will get to observe the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and several other popular hot spots situated throughout the area.

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Prices, Bookings, and More

The price of a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon can range from $189 to upwards of $1,000. Special events – such as a helicopter wedding ceremony – can be even higher.

Your price will depend on the area, the time of year, the amount of people included, and the attractions, destinations, and amenities offered.

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