If you are an adventurer with a solid appreciation for geological masterpieces that include astonishing natural formations and a vast variety of wildlife, Red Rock Canyon is for you!

Red Rock Canyon
By I, Brocken Inaglory, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Situated just 25 miles due west of the lavish Las Vegas Strip, this fascinating conservation area provides expansive regions of breathtaking views and numerous natural wonders that one simply would not imagine to be in such close proximity to a metropolitan city.

Wandering assortments of wildlife, a tantalizing assortment of plants, trees, and shrubberies, and awe-inspiring rock formations abound in this immensely popular conservation area. In fact, this region is so popular that well over 1.2 million visitors flock to the area annually!


Numerous geological-based events have taken place throughout history to form Red Rock Canyon. The earth’s crust collided and created a large number of fractured faults. These events transformed over millions of years. Now, numerous fossilized dunes composed of sand create a multitude of cliffs.

In fact, some of these immense structures stand thousands of feet high. Many rocks created from sandstone stand in the midst of the conservation area. The exuberant colors of these geological formation stem from the result of the high levels of iron oxide.
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The Keystone Thrust Fault

One of the most significant geological formations within the Red Rock Canyon is the Keystone Thrust Fault. This was created when two exceptionally large plates from the planet collided. The collision resulted in one of the plates being pushed significantly above the other.

As a result, one plate stands displaying a gray limestone and the other stands exhibiting the heavenly twists of crimson-colored sandstone. If you have an appreciation of awe-inspiring natural wonders, you absolutely must plan a stop at this amazing fault.

The Scenic Loop

The Red Rock Canyon Scenic Loop is an extremely populated area that attracts millions of visitors. This 13-mile drive allows travelers to experience direct exposure to the unique natural history and truly captivating splendor associated with the conservation area.

While traveling on this beautiful road, you will observe gorgeous splashes of color at Calico Hills, historical roasting pits utilized by Native Americans composed of limestone, and many pictographs and historically-embedded remnants of the ancient Native American Tribes in Willow Springs.


Waterton National Park Red Rock Canyon
Observe clear, cascading waterfalls flowing into the depths of the mysterious canyons and other geological formations. Experience the beauty of the Mojave Desert. Explore the country from the back of a horse, from the seat of a luxurious helicopter, or from a hiking trail. Enjoy the “Earth”, “Fire”, “Water”, and “Air” regions that will educate you on the basic geography, the wildlife that abounds within that region, and the amazing plant life.

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