With a name like Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours, seeing the Grand Canyon from a helicopter flying over and through the canyon is the image that comes to mind.

View of the Grand Canyon from a Helicopter

While this a big part of what this tour company does, it isn’t the only kind of tour offered. Visiting the site will show you how much more there is.

Grand Canyon Tours and Las Vegas Tours. Each of these have more to choose from before going to a specific page. Grand Canyon Tours offers the following options – Skywalk Tours, South Rim Tours and All Grand Canyon Tours. All Grand Canyon Tours shows all the tours that include the Grand Canyon but may tour other places as well, such as Sedona, Arizona. The options for the Las Vegas Tours are Las Vegas Wedding Packages and All Las Vegas Tours. The All Las Vegas Tours page shows all the tours available in the Las Vegas area but also shows other tours, including Grand Canyon tours, that depart from Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon Info – This might be a tab you want to check out before any of the tours. It takes you to a page loaded with interesting information about the Grand Canyon, accompanied by a number of gorgeous photos of the canyon, wildlife and Native Americans. This part of the site can help you decide what you want to see so you know which tour might best suit you.

Ultimate Grand Canyon Tour Guide – This changes to reflect the current year but the information you will find is timeless. This is also a must-see page, especially before booking a tour. You will learn how to get to the Grand Canyon, park information, interesting facts and history, various tours that are available and a link to some fascinating articles about the Grand Canyon.

Blog – Here, you will find posts containing interesting information and tips about the canyon and Las Vegas. It is worth coming back to often as new posts are added frequently.