As Halloween draws near, many are developing a newfound interest in embarking on a “spooktacular” adventure that includes scary sights and species.

haunted grand canyon

If you have a passion for the supernatural, the paranormal, and the mysterious, look no further than the Grand Canyon!

In this brief guide, we will be highlighting a few different super scary sights and species around the area.

If you are looking for a frightening adventure to gear up for all of the fun and festivities of fall, you are sure to find one or more of these sights or species highly appealing. Simply plan your trip and prepare for a true scare!

The Mogollon Monster

The Mogollon Monster is a creature that is said to be directly related to the infamous Bigfoot. Its body is covered in dark brown or black hair that is very long. It is said to stand anywhere from 6 feet to 8 feet in height. Those that have claimed to come in contact with this scary species state that it smells like fish and makes a very loud screeching sound.

Many sightings have occurred in and around Mogollon Rim; however, other sightings have occurred at Springerville, the Sierra Ancha Wilderness, and in the Grand Canyon. The creature is said to be shy and nocturnal. It seems to enjoy exploring areas that are designated as campsites and is said to throw stones.

Skin Walkers

The next super scary species that you may find in and around the Grand Canyon are skin walkers. The Navajo Indians believe in the legend of skin walkers – which are medicine men who have the capability of transforming themselves into a wild animal. Once transformed, they retain their own mind and abilities while taking on the abilities of the animal, too!

These scary species are mostly encountered in the nighttime hours; however, many have claimed encounters during the day, too! If you observe human tracks, they disappear, and then you notice animal tracks, you just may be in close proximity to a scary skin walker!

Highway 666

If you are in search of super scary places in or near the Grand Canyon, Highway 666 is for you! There are massive amounts of unexplained phenomenon that has been experienced on this road, often dubbed “The Devil’s Highway”. When traveling this road, you may come in contact with an evil, seemingly-possessed black sedan that charges vehicles, vicious “Hounds of Hell”, a ghostly semi-truck that travels at high rates of speed, skin walkers, and ghosts. You may find that you lose time experience other strange sensations while traveling this road.

If you are in search of scary places to go, scary species, and scary sights, look no further than the Grand Canyon or the areas around the Grand Canyon. In addition to the Mogollon Monster, skin walkers, and Highway 666, other scary species and sights known to lurk in the area include the El Chupacabra, La Llorona, ghosts, UFOs, aliens, a variety of wild animals, Toroweap Point, and even the Grand Canyon Skywalk!

While the Grand Canyon is a place of immense beauty, it is a place that includes a multitude of unusual places, sightings, and experiences by visitors.

Plan your visit today with one of these top rated tours, and, perhaps, you can personally witness one of these scary sights and species!