If you are looking for a way to make your wedding day more memorable then look no further than Grand Canyon helicopter tours. By choosing a Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Wedding everything is made easy because we take care of all the arrangements on behalf of the couple getting married. With the aid of our wedding crew, we can ensure that the day begins and ends in style.

The wedding tour will start with the bride and groom being collected from their hotel by luxury limousines and transferred to their waiting helicopter. Once aboard you and your partner, 2 witnesses, a photographer and the minister will fly to a remote location at the Grand Canyon, which is accessible only by helicopter. Here the wedding vows will be exchanged in some of the most beautiful scenic surroundings that Mother Nature has to offer. After the service you will enjoy a champagne picnic, wedding cake and some more wedding photos, before being flown back to Las Vegas where the luxury limousine will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.

The minister provided with a Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Wedding is authorized to perform civil and religious weddings in a variety of languages. Although if you feel like it then, for an extra cost, it is possible to have the “Elvis” officiate the wedding. So why not make your “special day” an “extra special day” by choosing Grand Canyon helicopter tours for your wedding.