We welcome you to the first installment of our Grand Canyon Spring and Summer Trip Planning Guide. Starting off, you’ll learn many basic facts about the Grand Canyon, as well as details about adventures and activities. If you want to experience the best of this fascinating national park, continue reading to learn more!

grand canyon summer guide

A Visit to the Grand Canyon

As you embark on your adventure, you’ll find that the geological formations, the natural hues of color, and breathtaking views inspire a sense of appreciation and wonder for the natural world.

The remarkable beauty and the mystifying magic of this extremely remarkable canyon inspired people of years passed to protect and uphold the region for generations to come.

This endeavor was successful!

Each year, millions of visitors flock to the Grand Canyon. Each year, the majestic region holds more and more secrets and untold stories of those visitors.

Yours can be next! Your visit will initiate the start of numerous experiences that will lead to a lifetime of memories! 2016 marked the 100th birthday of this magnificent national park. Many made their trip to celebrate this amazing milestone!

The Basics

Located within the northern area of the State of Arizona, the Grand Canyon Park includes 277 miles of the captivating Colorado River and a multitude of immediately adjacent lands that are high and hilly.


The geological formations in the region boast the most profound erosion examples of any single location throughout the entire world! Tourists to the region claim that this national park is completely unmatched when it comes to scenic vistas and mesmerizing beauty. This region is so captivating that the national park is considered to be one of the few World Heritage Sites!

In addition to being its own national park, the Grand Canyon includes an amazing 22 other national parks. Each of these highly distinctive parks has its own stories and memories. Each park plays a special role in the collective history of the Grand Canyon, and provides visitors with new and unique ways to witness and experience the unparalleled beauty of the area.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Grand Canyon will awe you, excite you, and mystify your senses! If you are looking to embark on an adventure that will ignite your imagination and create memories with your loved ones, the Grand Canyon is the perfect place!

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