We welcome you back to our multi-part series, The Grand Canyon Spring and Summer Trip Planning Guide!

In this series, you have learned so much about the Grand Canyon. Fees and  free entrance days, weather conditions, and information about the great tours available in the spring and summer months.

This week, we will introduce you to several of the exciting day trips that you may embark on while visiting the national park! If you want to witness the beauty and mystique of this wonderful area, you are sure to enjoy the adventures that we will outline here.

The Grand Canyon Railroad Excursion

The Grand Canyon Railroad Excursion
The Grand Canyon Railway is a wonderful adventure that is perfect for the entire family. When you climb onboard this wonderfully crafted train, you are climbing onto a ride that will take you down the rails of time.

The vintage cars and the carefully restored locomotives bring the old West back to life! As you travel through the area, professional musicians will play the tunes native to the old times while walking through the train. Special Service Attendants will share detailed information about the Grand Canyon and the history of the area.

You will even see the Cataract Creek Gang and the local Marshal duke it out at the Williams Depot! Later in the day, the cowboy gang may even try to attempt to take over your train! This is a wonderful adventure for those that are seeking thrills and spills!

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The Overnight Cowboy Camp Out

Overnight Cowboy Camp Out - grand canyon
If you would like to relax and unwind, you will love the fact that it is possible to enjoy an overnight cowboy camp out on your visit to the Grand Canyon.

Your adventure starts with a horseback ride through the trails lined with Joshua trees. As you venture out, you will enjoy panoramic views of the mystical Spirit Mountain and will get to enjoy amazing views of the desert. When you return, you will get to enjoy a real western cooked steak dinner before resting under the stars.

The morning brings a very hearty breakfast! Live entertainment is also included in this package.

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The Navajo Indian Reservation

Navajo Indian Reservation - grand canyon
If you have a fascination with the Native Americans, you are sure to enjoy a trip to a real Navajo Indian Reservation while visiting the Grand Canyon. The Navajo Indians are considered to be the largest tribe in the United States. This tribe has resided in and around the Grand Canyon since the 15th century. Now, you can witness the people, the culture, and even obtain handcrafted souvenirs while visiting the Grand Canyon!

If you want to explore all that the Grand Canyon has to offer on your next visit, be sure to continue following this series. We will offer information on a wide array of activities that you may pursue while visiting!

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If you are looking to embark on an adventure that will ignite your imagination and create memories with your loved ones, the Grand Canyon is the perfect place!

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