Thank you for returning to view our next installment in our series, Grand Canyon Spring and Summer Trip Planning Guide. Over the course of the past five weeks, you have learned a lot of information about the Grand Canyon

This week we’ll share some more tours to find other creative ways to witness the immense beauty of the Grand Canyon, continue reading!

view from Yavapai Geology Museum in the Grand Canyon

Viator VIP: Grand Canyon by Helicopter with Gourmet Breakfast Tour

vip-breakfastIf you would like to embark on the Grand Canyon sightseeing adventure of a lifetime, you are sure to enjoy the Viator VIP: Grand Canyon by Helicopter with Breakfast Tour.

Your journey starts with a lift off from a Las Vegas airport. You will then remain in the air for just over a half hour while traveling to the West Rim of the national park.

On this flight, you will get to see the man-made Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Once you arrive to the West Rim, you will descend an amazing 4,000 feet to a special and extremely private area. Here, you will receive a carefully-crafted gourmet breakfast.

Immediately following your meal, you may explore the Grand Canyon at your leisure before being flown back to Las Vegas.

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The Grand Canyon West Rim Deluxe Sunset Helicopter Tour

One of the most romantic activities that you may take part in when visiting the Grand Canyon is the West Rim Deluxe Sunset Helicopter Tour. You will take off from a Las Vegas airport and stay in flight for 45 minutes to the Grand Canyon.

Upon arrival, you will land and get to enjoy a champagne picnic while watching the colorful hues of the sunset dance across the sky.

Then, you will take off, once again, and get to observe the sunset up close and personal. Immediately thereafter, you will return to Las Vegas.

Before landing, you will get to fly over the neon-lit Strip.

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Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip from Las Vegas
If you are seeking an adventure with a lot of thrills and spills, you will love the Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip from Las Vegas!

This exciting journey will take you down the Colorado River. You will find yourself in the midst of the sheer cliffs of the Grand Canyon.

In addition to this, you will get to enjoy a helicopter ride where you will descend 4,000 feet into the magnificent national park in order to embark on your river journey!

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The Grand Canyon IMAX Movie

grand-canyon-imax-movieIf you have an interest in the history of the Grand Canyon and are limited on time, you may indulge in the Grand Canyon IMAX movie that is currently available at the National Geographic Visitor Center. This 34-minute movie provides you with awe-inspiring views that would take an entire lifetime to experience firsthand.

The screen is an amazing six stories in height and includes over 12,000 watts of high-quality, digital surround sound that, literally, shakes the floor! While at the theater, you will also be provided with your choice of one entrée, one side, and a drink!

If you are visiting the South Rim this is an adventure that you absolutely MUST experience!

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If you are looking to embark on an adventure that will ignite your imagination and create memories with your loved ones, the Grand Canyon is the perfect place!

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