If you are fascinated by the vibrance of the brightly-colored desert and are in awe of waterfalls, you are sure to enjoy this Grand Canyon waterfall guide.

waterfalls around grand canyon

While typically viewed as a dry desert rich in geological history, the Grand Canyon possesses many secrets. Unlike what most perceive to be an area void of water and lush, vibrant plant-life, nestled deep within the national park is a wide array of creeks, springs, the Colorado River, and mesmerizing waterfalls.

The pristine waters that flow from these alluring falls will enthrall you. In this Grand Canyon waterfall guide, we will highlight the most captivating of these destination points.

Cheyava Falls - Grand Canyon

Cheyava Falls

Featured on the cover of the Arizona Highways publication, the Cheyava Falls is a favorite among those that are in search of a highly adventurous journey deep within the national park.

This is a unique destination as the flow of the immaculate waters only occurs when the snow situated on the North Rim starts to melt or when there has been a period of heavy rain. In addition to being a rare sight, it is the tallest waterfall within the Grand Canyon. In total, it measures in excess of 800 feet in height.

In order to access this tantalizing geological wonder, you must obtain a backcountry camping permit. You will be required to hike/backpack to this Grand Canyon waterfall.

Elves Chasm - Grand Canyon

Elves Chasm

If you are planning to backpack into the Royal Arch Loop, you will get to witness an absolutely stunning landscape with a backdrop of an alcove, complete with Elves Chasm waterfall. You may also access this Grand Canyon waterfall through a rafting trip down the stunning Colorado River.

This waterfall and grotto region is an area that is very rarely traveled.

While you may hire a guide to take you to this remote desert oasis, it is advised to only attempt this trip if you have a broad level of experience in backpacking through the area.

Havasu Falls at the Grand Canyon.

Havasu Falls

Considered to be the most beautiful of all of the waterfalls in the Grand Canyon, this is approximately 80 feet in height. The water is a gorgeous turquoise color as they come from the terraces down into a highly idyllic pool of water. The waters that emerge from this Grand Canyon waterfall then cascade down into a series of gorgeous pools. If you are searching for a desert oasis that looks like it is nestled in the tropics, this is the waterfall for you.


Cheyava Falls, Elves Chasm, and Havasu Falls are the most popular waterfall destinations within the Grand Canyon National Park. If you enjoy the great outdoors, appreciate the tranquil beauty of flowing, pristine waters, and have a desire to enjoy the natural geological wonders of the Grand Canyon, you should schedule a trip to these destinations.

In addition to backpacking your way to these areas, there are many helicopter tours that will provide you with a unique vantage point to observing the destinations highlighted through this Grand Canyon waterfall guide.

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