The spectacular beauty of the Grand Canyon draws so many people to this natural wonder but what’s the best view? Choosing the right spot and picking among the top views of the Grand Canyon will give you an opportunity to experience it like never before.

grand-canyon-moran-pointMoran Point
If you want to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the Red Canyon, Moran Point is the perfect place for you.

Moran Point will also give you the opportunity to explore an interesting geological formation known as Sinking Ship. The silhouette of the formation resembles precisely what the name implies and this is a site you don’t want to miss.

5-reasons-to-see-the-grand-canyon-from-a-helicopterChanged Perspective
Why not explore the Grand Canyon from the air instead of standing on the ground? Grand Canyon helicopter tours Las Vegas NV are available for anyone daring enough to fly over the rocks and gorges.

Many of the helicopter tours include ground exploration, which is why you should get ready for a day-long adventure.

grand-canyon-powell-pointPowell Point
It provides one of the top views of the Grand Canyon and it was named after John Wesley Powell – one of the most famous Grand Canyon explorers. Powell Point is actually located on a rock peninsula sticking out into the canyon. This possibility is not the best one for the faint of heart.

grand-canyon-the-abyssThe Abyss
Yet another extreme location, the Abyss has steep walls and there will be nothing underneath it. Located along the indentation of the Grand Canyon wall, this place is worth visiting.

grand-canyon-mather-pointMather Point
Mather Point is probably the most popular place for the observation of Grand Canyon. Keep in mind that the location could probably be crowded during the time of your visit, so plan accordingly.

Mather Point is an amazing spot from which to observe a Grand Canyon sunrise. There are two intriguing geological formation that can also be seen from the location – the Temple of Zoroaster and Vishnu Temple.

These are just some of the spectacular exploration possibilities that Grand Canyon provides. If you want to diversify your experience even further, you should consider visiting Desert View, Lipan Point, Yavapi Point and Vermilion Cliffs.