There are several free Grand Canyon attractions that absolutely must be experienced by travelers upon their visit to the national park. Each year, approximately 5 million people find themselves completely awestruck that the massive expanse of various sized gorges, an assortment of ridges, and different formations of rock that are visibly present in and around the National Grand Canyon. Many embark on a helicopter tour in order to obtain the most profound view of the park. In addition to touring by air, several elect to hike through the park, hop on a mule to ride the trails, and/or raft through the beautiful Colorado River. If you are planning your trip to the national park, there are 3 free Grand Canyon attractions that you must experience. Continue reading to discover these attractions.

grand-canyon-attractions-Yavapai PointGrand Canyon Village
The Grand Canyon Village is, by far, the most popular of all Grand Canyon attractions. This is because of the fact that it is considered the absolutely most popular means of entering into the national park. By visiting this attraction, you will be able to personally experience many of the best lookout points located in and around the National Grand Canyon. One such example is the amazing Yavapai Point. For individuals that have an interest in history, much may be learned at the Grand Canyon Railway Depot. If you would like to obtain souvenirs created by the Native Americans in and around the National Grand Canyon, you may do a little shopping at the Hopi House. If you have a passion for art, you may stop by the Kolb and Lookout Studios.

grand-canyon-attractions-northrimThe North Rim
The next most popular of the Grand Canyon attractions is the North Rim. This region includes a multitude of rugged and isolated trails, and a vast array of natural beauty and wildlife. While visiting the North Rim, you may visit Bright Angel Point, which overlooks the only water source in the region, and Point Imperial, which is the absolute highest point in the area. It measures an amazing 8,803 feet! If you are looking for lodging, you may stay at the Grand Canyon Lodge.

grand-canyon-attractions-havasu-fallsHavasu Falls
The third most popular of the Grand Canyon attractions is Havasu Falls. Many consider these attractions to be one of the most beautiful throughout the entire National Grand Canyon. Located in the desert, this attraction includes crystal blue waters, a cascading waterfall, and is situated within the Reservation area of the Havasupai Indians. While this destination requires a hike of approximately 10 miles, it is well worth it! If you plan on visiting this attraction, be sure to plan for an overnight camping trip there.

Now that you know the best of the best when it comes to Grand Canyon attractions, it is time to start planning your trip! In order to get the most from your travels, you should plan on touring the national park by air, by land, and by water. For many, visiting the National Grand Canyon only occurs once within a lifetime. If this is your opportunity to view one of the most popular and beautiful wonders of the world, it is imperative that you plan on covering and seeing as many Grand Canyon attractions as possible!