If you are traveling to the Grand Canyon, you will be faced with a multitude of activities, experiences, and sights. This natural wonder is 277 miles long, and 18 miles wide, and a mile deep! That is a very large expanse of land to explore!

Your personal interests, the amount of time that you will spend here, and the weather conditions all play a part when it comes to determining what you will experience on your Grand Canyon vacation. The amount of money that you’ve dedicated to the adventure may also impact your experience.

In this brief guide, we are highlighting the top 3 must-see points in the Grand Canyon that are absolutely free! If you have an appreciation for saving all those hard-earned dollars, these locations are for you!


The Grand Canyon Village

grand canyon village
The Grand Canyon Village is an extremely popular entryway into the national park. In the spring, summer, and fall months, heavy crowds may be present. This free point is immensely popular because it provides guests with some of the absolute best lookout points – the main one being Yavapai Point. In addition to outstanding lookout points, the Grand Canyon Village includes lodging for guests. If you are not too keen on camping throughout the park, this is the place to be! It should be noted, though, that lodging at the Village is not free.

Havasu Falls


Havasu Falls is a free and immensely popular attraction for Grand Canyon travelers. Essentially a desert oasis, this region includes waterways that are bright blue, gushing waterfalls, and numerous geological wonders. In order to reach the region, you will be required to hike approximately 10 miles. Given the immense hike and the rough terrain that must be crossed to gain access to the area, it is essential that you plan on camping at the area overnight when embarking on your adventure.

Bright Angel Trail

bright angel trail

The third most popular free destination in the Grand Canyon is Bright Angel Trail. This trail starts near the Bright Angel Lodge, which is situated near the Grand Canyon Village. It extends to the Plateau Point. This is a very steep trail that provides guests with beautiful views of the Colorado River. The Bright Angel Trail extends a total of six miles – just one way. If you elect to go on this trail, it is advised that you bring along camping gear, a large amount of water, and nutritional products to sustain you. There are rest stops on the trail; unfortunately, you may not always be able to obtain water.

If you are looking to save a little cash while exploring some of the most popular areas, make a point to visit one or all of these free places.

There are many budget-friendly tours available that will allow you to explore the national park by helicopter, boat, and plane.

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