The  Grand Canyon is a place of indescribable beauty, natural mysteries, and wonder. Located in the northern region of Arizona, it is often described as a “window” in the geological and cultural past. When visiting the national park, you will observe unique erosional forms and a palette of nature’s most beautiful colors. As you travel the road to the immense park, you will cross a small rising plateau. Immediately upon crossing, an immense gorge that measures 18 miles wide and 1 mile deep opens up into an elaborate and festive natural view.

Each year, five million people visit this spectacular park. If you are planning a visit, you should continue reading to learn about the top 3 free attractions in the National Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Village

grand canyon attractions - grand canyon village

The Grand Canyon Village is considered to be the most popular entry into the national park. This area contains the best lookout points throughout the entire park. One such example if the Yavapai Point. Additionally, it contains the Grand Canyon Railway Depot, the Hopi House, the Kolb, and the best hotels – the El Tovar and the Bright Angel Lodge. There is no better location to observe the sights, learn about the history of the park, and obtain the absolute best souvenirs.

Havasu Falls

havasu falls

Havasu Falls is considered to be one of the most gorgeous locations within the National Grand Canyon. Many refer to it as a “Desert Oasis”. It contains a beautiful, gushing fall complete with crystal blue waters. This is just south of the park and is located in the exquisite and ever-popular Havasupai Indian Reservation. Once you have observed and experienced the falls, you should proceed over to the Supai Village. Here, you will meet real Havasupai Indians and have the unique ability to purchase specially-created souvenirs and various types of foods.

Bright Angel Trail

bright angel trail

This amazing trail originates at the Bright Angel Lodge previously mentioned, which is located at the Grand Canyon Village. It then goes into the Plateau Point region. Here, you will get absolutely wonderful views of the river. This trail is six miles in length. It should not be attempted unless you plan to camp overnight along the trail. It is much too much of a trip to try to do it in one day. If you want to take the trail in one day, you should opt for the mule ride.

The Grand Canyon Village, the Havasu Falls, and the Bright Angel Trail are all considered to be the top 3 free National Grand Canyon attractions. If you are interested in experiencing the best that the national park has to offer, you should schedule each of these attractions into your trip.

Remember, though, you should always ensure that you have camping gear, food, plenty of water, and other types of survival supplies while exploring the Grand Canyon. This way, should your adventure take longer than expected or an emergency situation arises, you are properly prepared.

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