There are many National Grand Canyon side attractions that may be enjoyed by travelers. According to even the most difficult to please travelers, the immense and majestic national park leave them absolutely awestruck. The park consists of massive amounts of gorges, a large assortment of ridges, and a variety of amazing rock formations. As you travel through the national park, you will discover many vantage points in which to view the beauty and appeal; however, there are other attractions abounding in and around the National Grand Canyon apart from all of the natural wonders. In this brief guide, you will learn about the top 3 side attractions, according to tourists to the region.

National Grand Canyon Side Attractions - indian dances1.     West Rim Native American Dances
When visiting the National Grand Canyon, be sure to head over to the West Rim region, near the ever-popular Skywalk. It is in this area where you will discover Native Americans dressed up in apparel that is common to their tribe. Not only will you get to meet these Indians, but, you will also get to observe them performing real tribal dances. These Native Americans live in and around the national park. If you find yourself captivated with these performers, you may elect to have a picture taken with them, or, you may simply take a photograph of them. This side attraction is absolutely free; however, the Indians are performing for donations that will preserve the land in which they reside.

colorado river2.     Little Colorado River Gorge
If you will be near the East entrance to the National Grand Canyon, you should schedule a bit of time to see the Little Colorado River Gorge. It is approximately a quarter of a mile off of the main highway. You will find yourself awed at the immense beauty of this region. This area is most notable as being the lands that belong to the Navajo. In fact, all visitors are advised to respect the tribal beliefs of these people while visiting this amazing area.

colorado-river-rapids3.     Diamond Creek
When visiting the National Grand Canyon, you should schedule a visit to Diamond Creek. Here, you will be to enter a true-to-life Indian reservation. As you explore the area, you are sure to see Indians in their natural habitat and enjoying their day-to-day lives. The stunning scenery, the vast array of wildlife, and the vivid colors of the geological formations are sure to provide you with many lifelong memories!

As you can see, there are many interesting side attractions that may be enjoyed while visiting the National Grand Canyon. If you have a passion for nature, are amazed by geological formations, enjoy seeing wildlife in their natural habitat, or have a high level of respect for Indians, you are sure to find the side attractions outlined in this guide to be very entertaining. If you would like to take a truly unique trip to the National Grand Canyon, you may want to consider a helicopter tour! For more information on how to embark on this exciting adventure, click HERE.