grand-canyon-polarexpressIf you are planning a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, it is imperative that you ensure that you plan your trip in such a way that it is exciting for your kids. By making an effort to experience Arizona’s most famous natural wonder through the eyes of your children, you are sure to create many memories that your family will hold fondly for the rest of their lives. The National Grand Canyon is one mile in depth, 277 miles in length, so immense that it is highly visible from space, and is home to some of the most fascinating wildlife – such as the rare group of California condors. All of these characteristics make the national park one of the coolest and most exciting places on earth! In this two-part series, you will learn about the top-rated family-oriented adventures that you may embark on during your vacation to the Grand Canyon.

All Aboard!
Each year, around the Christmas holidays, the National Grand Canyon’s Railway hosts the “Christmas time Polar Express”. This is a wonderful and exciting adventure that is sure to put the kids on the front seat to a memorable holiday experience. If you prefer to visit at other times of the year, the Grand Canyon Railway hosts a standard train ride that travels from Williams to the South Rim of the national park. While traveling onboard the exquisitely designed old-fashioned train, you and your children will get to observe a vast array of scenic vistas and a large assortment of wildlife. It is not at all uncommon to see a wild elf bouncing through the brush, bald eagles soaring high above the trees, and mountain lions lounging on the branches of century-old trees. In addition to enjoying the scenery, your children will get to experience getting up close and personal to real singing cowboys that travel from one passenger car to the next!

The IMAX Experience
While visiting the National Grand Canyon with your kids, you absolutely MUST take the time to see “Grand Canyon – The Movie”, an IMAX experience that will leave you all amazed at the grandiosity of the national park. This is considered to be the longest-running IMAX experience to date. You and your kids will sit in front of a screen that is 6 stories high, surrounded by an innovative digital sound system. The film will allow you to soar over the rim and straight down into the roaring rapids that flow through the Colorado River. You can see this film at the National Geographic Visitor Center. It lasts a total of 34 minutes, yet creates an experience that kids are sure to appreciate and remember forever.

Stay Tuned
Here, you have been introduced to two of the most popular family-friendly attractions for visitors to the National Grand Canyon. Next week, we will continue to expound on fun-filled activities that are perfect for the family unit. Be sure to bookmark us to learn about all of the ways that you and your family can enjoy the National Grand Canyon. For more information on various attractions, or to schedule an once-in-a-lifetime tour of the majestic canyon, visit our page on fun tours and adventures at: