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There are many different types of Grand Canyon tours available, and whilst you may think they are all expensive once in a lifetime trips, you may actually be mistaken. Some of the cheapest Grand Canyon tours ever are now available, and all of them take in the magic and beauty of the Grand Canyon and the surrounding areas of Nevada.

Many Grand Canyon tours are based around helicopter and airplane tours, but if your budget doesn’t run to that, you can also experience the Grand Canyon on an SUV tour. An SUV tour may be one of the cheapest Grand Canyon tours, but doesn’t lack any of the excitement. In fact, many people have said they enjoyed the SUV tour just as much as a helicopter tour because it is slightly less action packed and more laid back.

SUV tours start out in Las Vegas just as a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon would, and unlike a bus tour with dozens of people aboard, an SUV tour typically has a low number of guests, giving a uniquely personal service. Your tour guide will keep you informed of every landmark you pass, including the Hoover Dam and Boulder City. You’ll also be driving through the Joshua Tree National Park on your way to the Grand Canyon, and this is another experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Here you will see areas of cactus that are so dense they will appear to make the desert look like a garden. It is one of the more spectacular sights you will see on the SUV tour. Not bad considering this is one of the cheapest Grand Canyon tours available.

The drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon takes approximately two and a half hours, but don’t forget you’ll be driving through some of the most visually stunning countryside in the world. There will be no time for crosswords, as there will be something to look at along every stretch of road, and your guide will be on hand to keep you informed about everything you see.

One advantage of the SUV tour is the ability to stop when you like in order to take photographs. You definitely cannot do this on the helicopter tours, so take advantage of being firmly on the ground by taking lots of photographs during the drive. One great place to do this is on the Hoover Dam bypass bridge where you can get spectacular views of Lake Mead and the Colorado River from one of the more modern wonders of the world.

The SUV tour might be one of the cheapest Grand Canyon tours, but you can always add on extras if you like at the time of booking. One of the popular add-on experiences is to take a helicopter ride from the top of the canyon to a landing pad only a few hundred feet above the Colorado. The helicopter only takes about seven minutes to transverse the 4000 feet to the bottom of the canyon, but it’s a trip you’ll find interesting, exciting and enjoyable. Seeing the canyon from within is a unique experience, and something you’ll remember for many years.

If you don’t want the extra expense of the add-on helicopter ride however, there is plenty to do from the top of the canyon. You will be given plenty of time to explore the area, and you might even like to try the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which is a test of nerve for even the bravest of people. Also available is the Hualapai Ranch, where cowboys will entertain you with all kinds of skills they use for herding cattle, such as roping skills and tricks. There are also a number of interesting places at Eagle Point, where you can look out over the Grand Canyon and take in fantastic views of the rocks and the river far below.

There are also a number of shops and restaurants for you to visit at the Grand Canyon, so you can have lunch and get some souvenirs before the trip back to Las Vegas. One of the unique advantages of the SUV tour, despite it being one of the cheapest Grand Canyon tours, is that the extra time means you get to see the Nevada landscapes at different times of the day. The Nevada desert, the rocks and outcrops, and even the Grand Canyon itself look completely different throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. Shadows change, and even the colors of the rock appear to change. It’s quite dramatic, and everyone says without exception how beautiful the landscape is.

Despite being one of the cheapest Grand Canyon tours, the SUV tour is something not to be missed, and you won’t be sorry you decided to choose it over a helicopter tour. Whether you go alone, with a group, or with a friend or loved one, you will have a great time.