The 2017 Ultimate Grand Canyon Guide

If you want to know everything there is to know about the Grand Canyon and surrounding sites, you’ve landed on the right page!

In this Grand Canyon Tour Guide you will learn about everything there is to see and do when you are visiting the Grand Canyon region. You will also learn about tours you can take, including helicopter tours from Vegas. Get a bird’s eye view of all the possibilities for a Grand Canyon experience of a lifetime!


Driving to the Grand Canyon

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No matter where you are coming from, the best tool for planning your route is always Google Maps. You can plan the quickest route or the most scenic with this invaluable tool.

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How To Drive to the Grand Canyon

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There is absolutely nothing in the world like driving to the Grand Canyon. No matter where you come from, all roads lead to Flagstaff. And they are beautiful. The American Southwest is a one-of-a-kind landscape and experience. From Flagstaff is is about an hour and a half to the main entrance of Grand Canyon National Park.

Tip! Prepare yourself as you enter Grand Canyon National park. Your first view of the Grand Canyon is literally breathtaking. They say you can’t possibly understand it with pictures or words like you can when you are standing on the rim for the first time!

Grand Canyon by Plane

flying over grand canyon in plane
The closest airport to the Grand Canyon will take you close, but you’ll still need to drive 90 minutes to get to the rim of the Grand Canyon. You can fly into Flagstaff Regional airport, or the bigger airports of Phoenix or Las Vegas. Check out this handy guide for your options for flights to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon by Helicopter

grand canyon helicopter tour

Most people don’t know you can fly to (and into) the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas via helicopter! Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon have become extremely popular and helicopter tour companies are expanding fast to meet demand.

Check out this short, beautiful video and get a feel for what it is like to fly over and into the Grand Canyon in a helicopter…

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Before you go, make sure you know all you can about this magnificent place. The history, people, cultures, geology and wildlife all tell a story about the Grand Canyon, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. The Grand Canyon is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most visited and wildly popular tourist attractions on the Planet.


Grand Canyon National Park: Make sure you go straight to the source when it comes to visiting the Park. The National Park Service is in charge of everything to do with management and protection of the Grand Canyon National Park. Their site has tons of resources you’ll want to browse as you plan your trip, including trip planners, north and south rim maps, and Field Institute .

Helpful Grand Canyon National Park Links:

Basic Information | Things to Do | Fees & Passes | Camping | Maps | Lodging

Grand Canyon Groups and Organizations



A great site for exploring the Grand Canyon virtually is the National Park Foundation.

This is a great non-profit organization that does a lot to help care for all of America’s National Parks by educating “future park stewards.”

grand canyon association

Grand Canyon Association works to help educate and protect the Grand Canyon through educational programs.

Members are part of a family of dedicated individuals and organizations committed to preserving and protecting one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World!

national parks conservation association

The National Parks Conservation Association is dedicated to protecting the Canyon’s views, wilderness, and wildlife by educating members on the importance of conservation in the Grand Canyon and all other National Parks. The group keeps an eye on legislation that could further protect, or harm, the Grand Canyon and sends out alerts so we can all help protect this incredible national treasure.


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Oh The WILD Places You’ll Go!

There are so many ways to see and experience the Grand Canyon and the many sites around it! That’s why we’ve put together a short list of the must-do tours so you can narrow your choices while putting together your ultimate Grand Canyon experience.

Grand Canyon Tours

When we said there was a lot to do in and around the Grand Canyon, we weren’t kidding! Examples of other Grand Canyon Tours you can take include Humvee 4WD tours, whitewater rafting on the Colorado River, and you can even get married at the Grand Canyon!

For more information on tours and much more, check out our Other Grand Canyon tours.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park | Read about this tour here.

Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks – Learn about two premium quality tours to two beautiful National Parks. You can do both of these trips in just a couple days and they include helicopter flights, boating on the Colorado River inside the Grand Canyon, and even a ride over the new bypass bridge at Hoover Dam. Along the way, you will see the beautiful Joshua Tree Forest and the Grand Wash Cliffs.

grand canyon skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk has a fascinating story. The structure is a wonder in itself. It suspended thousands of feet above the floor of the Grand Canyon and is made with a glass floor! Does it make you nervous? You can learn all about the history and construction of the Skywalk, and even find out some surprises that you might not know!

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The Grand Canyon in the northern region of Arizona not only acts as a window into the highly cultural and geologically fascinating past of our world, but it also puts the immense grandiosity and beauty of Mother Nature in a unique perspective, full of the wonder and...

Grand Canyon In Winter

Experience the Beauty and Solitude of the Grand Canyon in the Winter As temperatures plummet, the days become shorter, and the snow starts to fall from the seemingly-glitter filled sky, the Grand Canyon slows with almost a respect for Mother Nature’s transitioning...

Christmas at the Grand Canyon

Give the Gift of Grandeur and Delight – A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one this holiday season, why not opt for the grandeur and delight with Christmas at the Grand Canyon? The Grand Canyon is a stunning,...

Experience the Past at the Cameron Trading Post

In 1911, Hubert Richardson and his brother C.D., erected the Cameron Trading Post. After the installation of the Swayback bridge over the Colorado River, an official place to trade was needed. At that time, it was a location frequented by the Hopi and Navajo Indians....

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Things to Do at The Grand Canyon

There are so many things to do at the Grand Canyon, the options are as vast as the canyon is wide. Exploration by air, ground, water, are at the top of our list for memorable vacation choices. Hailed as one of the most magnificent of the Seven Wonders of the World,...

Camping Near Grand Canyon makes for Grand Memories

If you would like to enjoy the beauty and excitement of the Grand Canyon but want to avoid the traffic and tourism, you'll love camping near Grand Canyon. Hailed as one of the seven natural wonders throughout the world, the Grand Canyon receives in excess of 5 million...

John Wesley Powell’s Grand Canyon Expedition

In 1869, John Wesley Powell led an expedition through the Grand Canyon. This amazing historic adventure lasted three months. The expedition is historically significant because of the fact that, it was the very first time – ever – that Caucasian men could freely...

Lookout Studio at the Grand Canyon

Lookout Studio, situated majestically on the Grand Canyon's South Rim, is a highly-revered travel destination. History, rich culture, beauty, and nature come together to create an enriching experience. The Creation of Lookout Studio Lookout Studio, which is also...

Mary Colter. Building the Grand Canyon.

Mary Colter has been dubbed an ambitious architect with a genuine passion for creating elaborate structures throughout the Grand Canyon that have sparked intrigue, appreciation, and a desire to relive days passed among millions of visitors. Who Is Mary Colter? Mary...

The Maswik Lodge Grand Canyon

The Maswik Lodge Grand Canyon is a specially-designed hotel operated directly under a special concessionaire as part of an agreement with the federal government. It is favored by travelers from around the world. Nestled deep within the Ponderosa Pine Forest in the...

Grand Canyon West Rim, Luxury Helicopter Tour

The West Rim is the place to be at the Grand Canyon. It's super popular, especially among first-timers. Probably because there are so many things to see. We have the Skywalk for 360 panoramic views, Indian Village and Hualapai Ranch to learn Native American culture,...

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Grand Canyon North Rim

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The El Tovar Hotel at The Grand Canyon

If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, make your lodging reservations at the El Tovar Hotel, located on the canyons South Rim. Designed by the popular Charles Whittlesey, the hotel opened its doors to the public in 1905. The uniquely designed structure was...

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