valley of fire wedding

photo by ilovebutter

There is no doubt that the most popular city in Nevada is Las Vegas. It has gained popularity among locals and tourists thanks to the entertainment, fine dining and shopping. It has also gained popularity because of the number of weddings that take place here. An estimated 100,000 couples tie the knot in this city each year. Weddings in Vegas come in all shapes and sizes. Couples can choose to go for something quick and simple or something big and luxurious. Of course, for couples who want to make the most out of their wedding, a Valley of fire wedding can be a good choice. What else could make a wedding better than taking a tour on their special day?
Only the best can be expected with a wedding like this.

Couples will ride out in luxury as they are picked up from their Las Vegas hotel in a limousine. They will be taken to a courthouse to get a marriage license and will then proceed to the Valley of Fire. The trip takes approximately 45 minutes before the destination is reached. The ceremony takes place in the Valley of fire state park providing a magnificent view. The red rock sandstone, clear skies and greenery make for a gorgeous backdrop. For those who are looking for something more dramatic a sunset wedding can also be arranged. Ceremonies may be done any time from 8:00 am until sunset. For non-English speakers the ceremony may also be done in French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Italian.

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After the ceremony the newlyweds can enjoy cake and champagne to celebrate the occasion before proceeding with the photo session and taking the couple back. For those who want the ceremony filmed, it can also be arranged. The basic items included in the package are: limousine service, ceremony, boutonniere, rose presentation, 100 photos, 6 inch wedding cake, champagne, certificate holder and license and marriage fees. An additional DVD may also be included for those who want to have the occasion documented. The driver’s fee, drinks and DVD (unless specified during booking) are not included in the package.
For couples who want to go the extra mile with their Valley of fire wedding a 1- hour and 2- hour photo limousine tour may also be opted for. The 1 hour trip includes 1 stop while the latter includes 2 stops during the trip. Couples will be able to choose from six different tour packages which range in price from $500-$800. This makes it affordable and will easily fit into any budget that the couple has. The whole tour lasts approximately 4 hours.

Since getting married in Vegas can be hectic couples will need to book ahead of time. Only two people are allowed on booking. Additional guests who wish to come along will have to be registered under special request. All travelers will be charged an adult rate. The limousine can accommodate up to six people free of charge. Other details such as the color and type of flowers and language used also need to be settled during booking. Checking of date availability and booking may be done online through the website. Couples must also remember to bring along photo identification in order to get a license from the courthouse. Couples renewing vows, are not required this.
For any couple getting married in vegas, a Valley of fire wedding is an excellent choice. Not only does it set the wedding in a magnificent location, but it also leaves couples problem free. Everything that you need for a special and memorable wedding is included in this wedding tour.

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