winter in the grand canyon

Winter in the Grand Canyon is a magical time.
The snow-capped peaks and colorful sunsets are just spectacular.

Despite what you might think, a visit to the Grand Canyon in December can be a wonderful experience!

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It’s Less Crowded
In the winter, tourist go home and the paths are less-traveled. The crowds thin out, the pace slows down, and everything is quieter. It’s like you’ll have the place all to yourself.

Breathtaking Sunsets
In the winter, the sun is lower in the sky. It cloaks the rocky peaks in lovely purple, pink, and orange hues. Sunrises can be just as amazing.

Photographers love the Grand Canyon in December because of the quality of light, especially some snow. Because of clear skies, the visibility is highest in this season. Mountain peaks some 200 miles away can be seen from some viewpoints on a clear winter day. Winter storms lend new color and dimension to an already-amazing landscape.

sunset at grand canyon in december

The Animals are Out
With less humans around, you may spot more deer and elk, ravens and other wildlife resting in the pine forests and soaring in the skies over the rim. They are even easier to see in the new fallen snow.

Mule Deer at Grand Canyon National Park D1879

If this sounds amazing and you’re ready to hit the Grand Canyon, we’ve hand picked some perfect tours for winter.

Visiting Grand Canyon in December

Beautiful Winter Tours

Grand Canyon Railroad Excursion

grand canyon railroad in december
What’s more fitting than a train ride in the winter? Take the family on a historic trip down the Grand Canyon Railway. Sit back as the crew members share engaging commentary about the train, it’s history and many journeys since 1901.

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Grand Canyon All American Helicopter Tour

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all american helicopter tour in winter
The Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Tour is one of the most popular options when it comes to winter sightseeing! Take advantage of our special discount pricing.

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To see MORE, try a 3 day National Parks Tour

Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Zion National Park

Discover amazing landscapes of Zion Park, Hike along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Take a Jeep tour of Monument Valley. This 3 day adventure is jam packed with adventures and discovery.
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