winter in the grand canyon

Winter in the Grand Canyon is a spectacular time. Colder temperatures, colorful sunsets, and snow-capped peaks are just a few of the natural spectacles you’ll observe while touring the region. Despite what people may think, visiting the Grand Canyon in December can be a wonderful experience!

As a winter visitor, you will find that all of the paths of the national park are less-traveled. You will get to experience the stillness and beauty of the area as it receives less tourist activity during the winter months.

visiting grand canyon in december

In this winter travel guide, you will learn about some of the tours that are perfect for visiting Grand Canyon in the winter.

Visiting Grand Canyon in December

Beautiful Grand Canyon Winter Tours

3-Day National Parks Winter Tour

3-day-winter-tour-grand-canyon Spend three days and two nights visiting Grand Canyon in December, Monument Valley and Zion. A smaller, more intimate tour limited to 14 people.

Leave from Las Vegas, take gorgeous hikes, amazing photos and admire unforgettable views these three national parks. In the Grand Canyon you can hike, explore the South Rim or go on an optional helicopter ride.

Go on a Navajo-guided Jeep tour of Monument Valley. Select meals are included. Also enjoy comfortable hotel accommodations and transportation by minibus.

Check out this awesome National Parks Tour.

Grand Canyon Railroad Excursion

grand canyon railroad excursion Take the family on a historic Train Ride on the Grand Canyon Railroad. It’s first voyage was in 1901 and each car on this train has been restored to its original state. Sit back and enjoy information from the tour guide about the train, it’s history and its many journeys.

Then, you will reach your destination, the magnificent Grand Canyon. When you arrive, you will have a little bit of free time to explore before your guide takes you on your Grand Canyon rim tour.

After the tour enjoy drop-off back at your Flagstaff hotel.

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Top Rated Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours for Winter

The Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Tour

helicopter tour of the grand canyon in winterThe Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Tour is one of the most popular options when it comes to winter sightseeing! The tour starts at a Las Vegas Airport, where you will climb on board a luxurious helicopter.

Once in the air, you will get to observe magnificent scenery all the way to the national park. Once you arrive in the Grand Canyon, the helicopter will land very deep within the park – offering you fantastic views of the snow-covered geometric cliffs and crisp terrain of the winter months.

Learn more about the All-American Helicopter Tour

The Grand Canyon West Rim Luxury Helicopter Tour

skywalk on the west rim helicopterWould you like to witness the majestic beauty of the West Rim during the winter months? How about the vast array of wildlife that can be seen scavenging through the white-coated forests and canyons?

If this sounds appealing to you, the Grand Canyon West Rim Luxury Tour is for you! This tour allows you to fly over, around, and through the spectacular national park. You will get to enjoy the park by air, by SUV, and by boat – weather permitting!

Learn more about the West Rim Helicopter Tour

The Ultimate Grand Canyon 4-in-1 Helicopter Tour

four in one grand canyon helicopter tourThe Ultimate Helicopter Tour is a popular choice among people visiting Grand Canyon in December. When you take this tour, you will fly from Las Vegas.

Once in the national park, you will cruise on a boat down the gorgeous Colorado River – sprinkled with shards of glimmering ice. Then, you will have the opportunity to visit the West Rim. Here, you may choose to explore the ever-popular Skywalk or take picture of the panoramic views.

If you are in search of a scenic tour that will leave you absolutely mesmerized, this is it!

See the Ultimate Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Do you have a passion for the great outdoors? Do you enjoy scenic views? Would you like to go on the adventure of a lifetime? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, check out our Grand Canyon helicopter tours to learn about a multitude of tours. For information about the Grand Canyon, and to learn insider travel tips visit our Blog.

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