The National Grand Canyon is considered to be one of the most popular and most visited of all national parks in the United States; however, during the winter holidays, there is a lot less foot traffic in the region. This is due to, in part, the cooler temperatures, the falling snow, and the shorter days. If you are interested in traveling during the winter holidays, this park should be at the top of your list. While this national park offers majestic and scenic views, a certain level of caution must be taken during winter visits in order to ensure your safety and your enjoyment. Here, we will expound on those measures so that you may enjoy your winter holiday trip to the National Grand Canyon.

When you elect to visit the Grand Canyon during the winter months, you will discover that there are many days where winter storms abound and result in several inches of crystalline snow. Then, there are days that have a high level of contrast as they are extremely sunny with warmer temperatures. The crisp, cool air and the light snow dust enhance the temples, the gorges, and the buttes that emerge from the floors and sides of the canyon. As a result, it is a perfect backdrop that enhances the appearance of the flora and fauna that abound throughout the national park.

When visiting the National Grand Canyon during the winter holidays, it is advised that you pack plenty of clothing that will protect you from the extreme temperatures and moisture. You should always ensure that you bundle up in order to eliminate health complications from the cooler temperatures. Despite the excitement that you will experience while exploring the region, you should make certain that you take it slow and have plenty of water and forms of nourishment on hand. If you find yourself seeking warmth, you may stop in at the Yavapai Museum of Geology. This museum includes panoramic windows that will allow you to observe the views of the national park, while remaining in a temperature-controlled environment. Furthermore, there are several areas along the rim of the park where you may indulge in a great-tasting, warm beverage.

If you want to visit areas in the National Grand Canyon that are known for milder temperatures, you may opt to visit the Bright Angel Campground or the Phantom Ranch facility for lodging. In addition to having more accessibility during the winter holidays due to less tourism, it is often easier to obtain a backcountry permit during this time of year. This unique permit will allow you to see the less-traveled paths of the National Grand Canyon and explore the raw realities that exist throughout the region. If you would like to observe the National Grand Canyon without excessive exposure to the potentially harsh temperatures and the complication of battling snow, you may elect to take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. For more information on these awe-inspiring tours that will captivate your senses, click HERE.