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Are you fascinated by the unusual? Do you find yourself perplexed, yet intrigued by the unusual? Do you have an appreciation for the weird?

If magic, the supernatural, the paranormal, the odd, and the eccentric leave you experiencing a rush of adrenaline, a heightened sense of curiosity, and a sense of wonder, you are sure to find the worldwide weird and unusual sightseeing travel tours that we offer can quickly find their way onto your bucket list.

Learn about the fascinating tours that will allow you to experience some of the most amazingly mysterious and highly captivating locations throughout the world.


The Best of Britain Tour: Edinburgh, Stonehenge, York, Bath, and Cardiff

This action-packed 5-day tour allows you to experience the best of the most mysterious, historical, and fascinating British cities. This amazing adventure starts at The Grosvenor Hotel in London – recently voted as one of the top 5 most haunted hotels throughout Britain.

Prime spirits are those of a hooded monk, the “Grey Lady”, and a young ghost girl that enjoys yanking on bedsheets.

You will depart to the Stratford-upon-Avon, where you can visit where William Shakespeare was born and observe the lovely River Avon. Immediately thereafter, you will go to the historic City of York and explore the popular Shambles and the largest medieval-based church located in northern Europe, the York Minster.

As you continue on this tour, you will get to observe the ruined Jedburgh Abbey, the Edinburgh Castle, and the official Scottish-based residence of the Queen. You will get to explore the famous historical City of New Town, Liverpool, the Liver Building, the Roman Baths, and the mysterious Stonehenge site. You will hear stories of the historical significance of the locations, explore areas rumored to be haunted, and see the most mysterious wonders of the world.

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The Pere Lachaise Cemetery Private Tour

Oscar Wilde Grave Headstone

In Paris, France, there is an amazingly mysterious and surprisingly haunted outdoor museum that includes 70,000 different graves, a total of 44 hectares, and a whopping 5,300 trees.

Now, you can explore it for yourself with a privately-guided tour. You will learn the deep-rooted secrets of the cemetery and the amazing legends that surround the area. Many notable people are buried within the cemetery.

Top examples include Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin, and Maria Callas.

Noted as one of the most haunted locations in Paris, you may catch a glimpse of Jim Morrison wandering through the trees, may observe spectral lights, and note a large amount of translucent spirits lingering in various locations as you take part in this tour.

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The Mystery and Paranormal Tour C. Madrid

Madrid Mystery Tour

Madrid is home is the mysterious, the paranormal, and the sinister. This tour contains all of this, and more! You will get to explore the Temple of Debod, the street of a famous UFO disappearance, Chinchon, and spooky abandoned hospitals that are said to offer a host of unexplained paranormal phenomenon.

If you have an interest in getting up close and personal to some of the most popular paranormal hotspots in all of Spain, this is the tour for you! Inclusions consist of meals, 2-night accommodations, and admission into the Templo de Debod.

Best of all, this is a private tour just for you and your group!

Why take one of those tours that include a multitude of tourists from around the world when you can take a tour that includes you, your family members, or another group of your choice?

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Tour with Tales of the Japanese Spirits

There are a large assortment of historic Japanese locations that are said to house some of the most ancient spirits of the world.

This amazing Tokyo-based tour allows you to explore the Sengaku-ji Temple, the Kanda Miyojin Shrine, the Oiwa Shrine, and more! It combines historical elements with paranormal elements.

If you have a passion for the Japanese culture and an appreciation for that which they have come to believe, you are sure to enjoy this adventure.

It is a 3-hour tour that is perfect for a group-based tour of the area. This is a wonderful tour option for those that truly appreciate the Japanese culture and history. You will not only learn about the odd and eccentric, but you will also learn about the cultural and historical!

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The Monumental Cemetery of Milan

Milan Tour

If you will be traveling to Milan, Italy, you should indulge in a tour to the Cimitero Monumentale or “Monumental Cemetery”.

It is one of the largest cemeteries situated within the area. It not only contains a variety of artistically-created monuments and tombs, but it is surrounded by mystery, legends, and stories.

The cemetery opened in the year of 1866. Since that time, a wide assortment of sculptures, temples, obelisks, and other artistic architecture has been added.

There are many notable people that have since passed in the tombs and monuments in the cemetery. Examples of these include Agostino Bertani, Gianroberto Casaleggio, Dario Fo, Mario Tiberini, and Leo Valiani.

Book your tour now to witness one of the most amazing final resting places on the entire planet!

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The Hong Kong Urban Myths Walking Tour

Hong Kong Tour

Despite the skyscrapers and other city structures situated throughout Hong Kong, there are a multitude of stories and urban myths that consists of deities, spirits, ghosts, and other phenomenon.

This exciting tour starts at Three Pacific Place, where haunted stories will be shared about “Big Buddha’s Mouth”.

Next, you will visit the Star Street neighborhood to learn about mysterious disappearances, a secretly hidden church, and haunted schools and mansions.

You will also learn about various murder mysteries, making offerings to various gods, and learn about a skyscraper that is believed to bring the best of luck to its owner.

If visiting Hong Kong, this is the best tour for mystery, fun, and spirits!

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The Historical and Archaeological Sites of Albania

Albania Tour

If you enjoy the mysterious happenings of history, you are sure to enjoy the histories and archaeological sites of Albania tour. This tour lasts an amazing 9 days, total.

The culture and the history of this great country is considered to be the oldest of all the Balkan Peninsula.

You will get to see the brand-new face associated with Tirana, indulge in the up close and personal experience of the great Berat and Gjirokastra architecture, get to swim in the iconic, clear waters of the popular Ionian Sea, visit the City of Korca, and pay homage to several centuries of unique history.

Explore haunted castles, unique museums, historical landmarks, and more with this touring adventure!

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