Ask anyone who has ever spent time on the waters of the Colorado River, you will get an answer without hesitation.  You may even get an invite for beers and a slide show.

Grand Canyon rafting Colorado River

The Grand Canyon being one of the most majestic places on the globe, people have been making the pilgrimage to experience this 277 mile stretch of the Colorado River for decades.

Grand Canyon rafting trips are for anyone wanting an adventure, a time of peaceful contemplation, or a trip that will have family and friends telling stories for years.

What makes Grand Canyon rafting so special…

“The Grand Canyon is like an outdoor Disneyland…and the rapids are like the world’s best roller coasters”  – Corey Rich, photographer / world adventurer (National Geographic).“No other rafting trip combines so many days of staggering scenery, whitewater thrills, and magical hikes” – Cate Starmer, editor for Fodor’s Travel.

“The side hikes take you into the true heart of the canyon that can only be reached by hiking from the river and shouldn’t be missed”O.A.R.S. Outfitter

“Without a doubt, the Grand Canyon is one of the most incredible geological wonderlands on earth. Colorado River rafting gives you a glorious perspective on this natural wonder”Grand Canyon Whitewater

Unplug to Reconnect

When you decide to unplug from the busy world you live in for a few days, you have the opportunity to find a bit of balance again.  The Grand Canyon is home to a variety of wildlife and rich landscapes. The areas along the river attract a wide range of birds including endangered species such as the Mexican spotted owl.

Grand Canyon Boat on Colorado River

Forests in the canyon provide homes for mammals that are increasingly rare in other parts of the world. Views from canyon river rafting and stops for hikes along the way give visitors a chance to see nature as it is meant to be.

But please, no selfies with the bears.

Fun Fact

Did you know that Google Earth released a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon AND the Colorado River?  Mind blown. Hours and hours of enjoyment. But remember, it’s like watching someone make and eat chocolate cake on television… it looks amazing but you can’t smell it or taste it.

If you have been fortunate enough to dip your oars into the water, you might have your own stories to tell. If not, let us recommend some of the highest rated water tours in and around the Grand Canyon.

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