While the natural Grand Canyon attractions are the most popular among visitors to the national park, the bookstores, gift shops, and other shopping venues rank exceptionally high in popularity among those that have a desire to visit Grand Canyon attractions. The shopping venues that are located throughout the magnificent park offer a wide assortment of books, stationary, post cards, pictures, artwork, and more for those that want to obtain a souvenir of their travels, learn about the history of the park, or want to purchase a gift for a loved one. Continue reading to learn about the top 3 most popular Grand Canyon attractions that specialize in books, gifts, and more!

Grand Canyon Attractions-verkampsVerkamp’s
One of the most popular Grand Canyon attractions is Verkamp’s. For well over 100 years, this served as a home and as a business of the ever-popular Verkamp Family. The business specialized in souvenirs, artwork created by the Native Americans, and more! It remained this type of store until the year of 2008. Immediately thereafter, the structure was transformed into a visitor center, which gained an immense level of popularity. If you elect to visit Grand Canyon attractions, you should stop by to explore the bookstore, obtain information about the national Grand Canyon, view highly detailed exhibits, and meet other travelers. You may visit any day from the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm, local time.

grand canyon attractions - Lookout StudioLookout Studio
The Lookout Studio, which is situated right on the edge of the canyon, is also considered to be one of the most popular of all the Grand Canyon attractions. This is a very popular store among visitors because it offers a telescopic view of the Grand Canyon, as well as a store that offers a wide assortment of products, such as real photographic images, rocks, postcards, minerals, and various souvenirs. You may visit the store each day from 9am to 5pm, local time.

grand canyon attractions-Yavapai LodgeYavapai Lodge
When it comes to Grand Canyon attractions, the Yavapai Lodge is very appealing to those that want to visit Grand Canyon stores. This is immediately adjacent to the café located in the lodge. Here, you may find many different types of clothing items, accessories, books, games, toys, pictures, souvenirs, and other types of popular items that will help you remember your trip! If you want to experience variety at its best – as far as Grand Canyon shopping is concerned – the Yavapai Lodge is the place to be!

There are many Grand Canyon attractions, as it pertains to bookstores, gift shops, and other types of shopping venues. The best way to experience the best venues is to ensure that you take part in the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. The company that provides the tour will be able to instruct you on the locations and merchandise offered in, around, and throughout the national Grand Canyon. For more information, simply contact theGrand Canyon Helicopter Tours company today by clicking HERE.