If you are ready to have your family “unplug” from the virtual world, eliminate all distractions, and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime youre in for a treat. You can bring your kids! Here’s how to enjoy a fun filled Grand Canyon With Kids Adventure this fall.

Grand Canyon with Kids

By taking your children to the Grand Canyon, you are offering them the unique experience of seeing and adventuring through one of the most magnificent and amazing natural wonders of the world.

This national park is open throughout the year; however, in the spring and summer time, hundreds of thousands of people frequent the area. In the winter months, the weather may prove to be extreme and complications with snow and ice may occur; however, in the fall months, visitor populations are down, weather conditions are favorable, and it makes for the ideal time to experience the true beauty and appeal that the Grand Canyon has to offer! In this guide, you will be introduced to a few activities that will make the Grand Canyon with kids trip highly exciting!

Bearizona Drive Through Park

The Bearizona Drive-Thru Wildlife Park

If you and your family have a natural appreciation for wildlife, you will all enjoy a 3-mile drive through the amazing Bearizona Wildlife Park. Here, you will get to observe various types of bears, large bison, sheep, wolves, and more! On your adventure, you can tour the amazing Fort Bearizona, which includes baby versions of the adult wildlife and smaller-sized animals, up close and personal.

This tour can be done from the comfort of your vehicle and lasts approximately 45 minutes. In addition to the wildlife observation, your family will get the opportunity to see the High-Country Raptors show which will expound on the birds of prey in and around the Grand Canyon. These birds will then fly directly overhead!

If you have a passion for exploration and an appreciation for animals, this is a must-do Grand Canyon with kids adventure!
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grand canyon railroad in december

The Grand Canyon Railroad Excursion

This fall, you and your family can step back in time by boarding the train that is part of the Grand Canyon Railroad Excursion, which made its original journey in the year of 1901 and has been completely restored to the way it originally appeared. As you and your family travel across the Grand Canyon, you will hear highly engaging commentary about the history of the train, its journeys around the Grand Canyon, and the vehicle, itself. Your family will get to enjoy entertainment provided by strolling musicians and cowboys. A complimentary box lunch is provided, stops at many distinct observation points, and will get to climb to the very top of the historic Watchtower Observatory, where you will get to experience the absolute best views of the national park. If you are traveling to the Grand Canyon with kids, this is a journey that you must embark upon.
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45 minute helicopter flight

Helicopter Flight Over the Grand Canyon from Tusayan, Arizona

In order to truly experience your Grand Canyon with kids fall adventure, you must get a bird’s eye view of the amazing geological wonder by taking a helicopter tour! This 45-minute flight initiates at the airport in Tusayan, Arizona. You will get to see the luscious ponderosa pines that are part of the Kaibab National Forest, the Colorado River, and the amazingly-designed desert. Points of interest include – but, are not limited to – the Dragon Corridor, the Marble Canyon, and Point Imperial. This tour departs between the times of 8am, up to 4:30pm. The views are memorable and the trip will result in experiences that cannot be developed in any other way!
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Traveling with Kids to the Grand Canyon

Going to the Grand Canyon with kids is more than an experience, it is a journey that results in memories that will last a lifetime. As a family, you will learn about the natural wonder and its history. You will enjoy the beauty and the mystique of the natural world. You will be presented with numerous photo opportunities and will get to experience life in a new and unique way.

While deemed relatively safe, remember to observe all rules and to exercise caution when exploring the national park. If planning a hike through the park, remember to bring along items that will protect you from the elements and provide nourishment and hydration.

If you require additional information on how to make your trip safe, the many tours that are available, or to learn about activities that are appropriate for families traveling to the Grand Canyon with kids, simply contact us today at: https://www.partner.viator.com/en/7415/customer-care